A vital part of a growing church is to ensure members grow in their spiritual development and to assist this the Discipleship Group are responsible for a number of activities.

These have recently included the Christianity for Life course, and also the follow up course Christianity for Life Plus, which were run annually and were offered to new and not so new Christians. Various aspects of Christian theology and practical application were covered including prayer, relationships and stewardship of resources. The courses were led by Ray Maycock and Jean Jones. A decision will soon be made regarding a new course to replace these.

Ray & Jean

Also open to all are the various Bible study groups currently operating. These take place on Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings at the Hall with further groups meeting in the homes of corps members. Topics studied recently include a number of The Salvation Army s Doctrines, the York Lent Course and now “Holiness Unwrapped”. These studies are thought provoking and challenging but also highly enjoyable with much laughter amidst the discussion.

Knowledge of the Bible is important to Christians and to help us understand it better we have arranged a “Walk through the Bible” seminar on the Old Testament. This is an enjoyable, interactive time of learning how the books of the Bible relate to each other and show God s plans being unveiled through the scriptures.

The group is also looking at other possible courses that would be helpful to all believers including establishing a lending library to enable suitable books to be lent out to those who are seeking to deepen their faith or wish to explore a particular aspect of Christianity. Full details will follow soon.

We believe we are living in exciting and challenging times when all Christians need to be fully involved in developing their own faith to enable them to share Jesus with a world that does not want to know him. The better equipped a Christian is the better he or she can face up to the opposition and prevail through God s strength.

Nigel Day

The Discipleship group is currently led by Nigel Day who took early retirement from a career in banking and is now involved with two other local charities as well as being a Magistrate. Ray Maycock, pictured above, is continuing as Nigel’s assistant. If you would like to know more about our discipleship programme please contact us