Sunday meetings 21 October 2018

There will be one meeting this Sunday at 10.00 am led by Major Ian F Payne.   The afternoon 4 pm Cafe Church has been cancelled as so many people will be away.

  Major Ian 

Please come if you can.  You will be very welcome.  Here’s where we are.



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Advent Banners First Meeting

If you are interested in joining a Craft Fellowship planning to design and make banners, then come to the meeting tomorrow, 17 October, at 10.30 am in the Bradbury Hall, Salvation Army, Church Street, Chatham.


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Monday Spot 15 October 2018

Our present website editor, Kevin, is away in sunny Spain for a few weeks so we have some deputies reporting.  Yesterday’s morning meeting is covered by a new contributor, Gareth Pennington.  Here is his report:

The morning meeting was led by Major Judith Payne, in the absence of Major Ian who was attending a service at Westminster Abbey.

  Major Judith Payne

The band brought us into a sense of worship before the meeting with an arrangement based on the song “Whiter than the Snow”.

Major Judith brought us into a call to worship reading from Genesis 1: 26-27 and Psalm 8, highlighting that God created human beings in his image, in the image of God he created.

Our opening song was SA Song 381 “Made in the likeness of God” and with this, Major Judith was able to introduce her theme for the meeting, looking at how we can be more like Jesus.

The congregation were posed with three questions:

  1. How am I doing in terms of becoming more like Jesus?
  2. What aspects of Jesus are growing in my life?
  3. When can people see a reflection of glory in me?

This led us into a time of prayer, using General John Gowans’ chorus, SA Song book 328 “To be like Jesus” following which the Singing Company brought us a lively number entitled “He’s the best”.

  Singing Company


Scripture was taken from Matthew 28.

The Songsters sang “You are Loved” which helped us to remember that God loves us just as we are and nothing will ever change that.


SA Song 578 “Christ of Glory, Prince of Peace” was the congregational song before Major Judith’s message.

A disciple is someone who chooses to be with another person, to be like that person, an apprentice. They help you become a better person. As disciples, we are apprentices to Jesus, we listen to him and live our lives like him, but how often do we reflect on being disciples for Jesus? We are invited to work with God to be apprentices for Jesus. We are to be like everyone else, but also a little different.

We all have a different status in terms of our journey of discipleship. Some people are interested in what Jesus has to say; some individuals are followers but do not have a lot of commitment. Certain people are committed to serving and following him and some people have an intimate friendship with Jesus, through the things that he has shared with us.

God reminds us that whoever believes in him, will do his work, through great power. God cannot give us the power though, until he has given us his character, as he does not trust us with his power.

If we are not like Jesus to this world, nobody else can be. If we do not show to others the difference that Jesus makes in our lives, when will they ever get the chance to see it?

The chorus SA Song 313 “Fill me anew” gave time for reflection and reminded us that we should allow God to continue doing in our lives what he is already doing to make us more like followers of Jesus.

Our closing song was SA Song 850 “I then shall live as one who’s been forgotten”, to the tune of Finlandia.

The next part of this report is from Jean.

The second meeting of the day was led by Major Ian F Payne and was in the form of a Praise and Testimony evening.   The first song was SA Song 853 ‘I was sinking deep in sin’ with the Chorus ‘Love lifted me’.  This was followed by the Prayer Song SA Song 700 ‘For the joys and for the sorrows….For this I have Jesus’ and some voluntary prayers.   Bandmaster Nigel Lockwood in introducing the band item ‘My name is written there’ told how for many years he had played in the streets of London (in the Welsh Guards Band) on many royal occasions but he said that the music which meant most to him was the music with associated words.  He spoke of the time in a meeting in the Royal Albert Hall when the words ‘I know Thee who Thou art were sung and the line ‘I saw Thy footprints on my road where lately passed the Son of God’ became special.

The SA Song 883 ‘O happy, happy day’ was sung interspersed with testimonies from:  Ryan with a thank you to all those who supported the young people of the Corps;  Rex who is ‘Not weary yet’ and spoke of God’s amazing grace;  Mike Gibbs who urged us to ‘Rely on God’;  Charlie who explained how music brings life back into people with dementia and that we should be smiling Christian people; Greg who spoke how General John’s life’s theme was God’s love and every day we forget how much God loves us.  The greatest theological truth is ‘Jesus loves me this I know, For the Bible tells me so’.

The Songsters’ ministry was ‘I will worship you’.  Major Ian then read verses from 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 ‘ I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way – with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge – God thus confirming our testimony about Christ among you. Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.’

The meeting concluded with the SA Song ‘Whosoever heareth’.  It was good to have this time of praise and testimony and be reminded of the amazing grace of God for the whosoever and of His faithfulness.

Thank you for logging on today.  We hope you feel uplifted and blessed.  Have a good week.

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Sunday meetings 14 October 2018

The Sunday morning meeting this week will be led by Major Judith Payne at 10.00 am with the theme ‘Am I reflecting the Glory of God?’

  Major Judith Payne

The second meeting of the day will be at 6.00 pm Praise and Testimony led by Major Ian Payne.

 Major Ian F Payne

Please come if you can.  You will be made most welcome.  Here’s where we are:



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Craft at Ladies Fellowship

Thanks to Karen and Sharon for a happy crafting evening.

      ..    Continue reading

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Monday Spot 7 October 2018

We continued the celebration of the 145th Corps Anniversary of Chatham 16th Corps, Commanding Officer Major Ian F Payne, under the leadership of Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill and Commissioner Gillian Cotterill, supported by our Divisional Commanders Majors Mark and Linda Herbert.

  Major Ian with TCs Anthony and Gillian Cotterill


Commissioner Gillian led the opening song, after a welcome by Major Ian Payne.  Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, in every part with praise followed by a prayer chorus ‘Give thanks with a grateful heart’ and a prayer by Songster Jean Jones.   The Singing Company’s contribution to worship was ‘Come join our Army’.

It was a thrill for Major Ian to welcome Roxan Sven Moyston as an adherent with an endorsement by the TC as witness and a prayer.


Major Mark Herbert read the Scripture from 2 Timothy 1:1-12.  He gave thanks for our CO in bringing blessing to our Corps.

SA Song 843 was sung which echoed the words of Scripture. ‘I know not why God’s wondrous grace’.   Martin Davis then sang ‘He’s always been faithful’.

Bandsman Andrew Smith was invited onto the platform to receive his commission as Corps Treasurer from the TC.  He then testified to God’s leading in his life and the challenges he experienced in balancing his lifestyle of work and worship finishing with song words ‘Keep on believing, Jesus is near’.


The Songsters’ ministry was ‘The Prayer’, the words of which Commissioner Anthony quoted when he began his message. ‘Give us faith so we’ll be safe’.

He said that it was truly great for Gillian and himself to be here at Chatham where, over the years they had spent as soldiers of the Corps, they had felt it to be an embracing and welcoming place where the love of God is shown.  They have found themselves telling people wherever they go about Chatham.  He recalled testimonies from a converted policeman and a prostitute and the extensive use of the Mercy Seat. Looking back is good, to see where we have come from, he said.  In the History of the Salvation Army, Vol 1, he saw that the Christian Mission was started by Catherine Booth, the Army Mother, when James Dowdle, aged 33, raised the flag on 18 November 1873.  James Dowdle was a well known pioneer in the Salvation Army having been a converted railway guard.

TC Anthony’s parents were members of the Peacemakers Session 1948-49 which also included Peter Muller, a converted German POW, who had been a soldier of Chatham Corps whilst in a local POW camp.  We are in awe of the people of those days who were brave and strong in their witness.  TC Anthony said that in the scripture reading Paul thanks God for Timothy.   How I thank God for the sincere faith generationally of those who have gone before.  We thank God for them.  Paul says something which will define us.  ‘In the light of what we can see, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is within you’.  The world needs a Salvation Army that is on fire, not just warm and cosy.  Be brave and bold in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Be the fire that beacons the way for people to come to Christ.  It’s almost inevitable that in some seasons we are just hanging in there and become physically drained.  Jesus says, Matt 11:28 ‘Come to me’.  Be harnessed with God.   There is another dynamic at play which, when released, has the power to change the world.  There is a spirit of self discipline.  He has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit as promised in Acts 1.  Why is Paul telling Timothy, and us this morning?  It is because of our sincere faith.  The chapters of history to be written need to be about Spirit-led and Spirit-filled people who intentionally lead ‘fanned-into-flame lives’ contagiously sharing the love and hope.  It’s what our communities need.

The singing of ‘Move Holy Spirit’ gave opportunity for response when people knelt at the Mercy Seat.  ‘Faithful God’ confirmed his faithfulness to us.   ‘I’ll go in the strength of the Lord’ was a good sending out song.

The afternoon meeting was in the form of ‘On the sofa’ when TC Anthony and Gill were questioned about their lives and they generously shared with us many details of how they met, their Christian development, special experiences during their lives and the impact it had on them.  It isn’t possible to repeat here all that was said but special thanks was given to all those who are involved in Youth work.  Gill said that her favourite verse is Ephesians 3:20-21.  She said that she had seen things that she thought couldn’t happen, actually happen as promised in this verse.   Anthony said that when they were new in the role as Principals of the William Booth College he had been inspired by the tower and felt that it should be a beacon of light and glory.  He had an understanding that the WBC would be where the splendour would be made known.  ‘We get hooked up on the way we do things but far more important is that the Spirit of God should be upon us.  The Salvation Army is at its best when we are dispersed – in our work places, our homes, on the bus and in the street.  This is the underlying revelation of God to his people.’

Songs chosen by them were ‘Who’ll be the next’, ‘My life must be Christ’s broken bread’, ‘At the moment of my weakness (His Provision) and ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me now’.

Songster Lisa Davis sang ‘Share my Yoke’ with band accompaniment.

Songsters sang ‘Let me fly with you’ and the Band played the march ‘Jubilee’.   As a benediction and blessing for the TCs, the Songsters sang ‘The Lord bless thee and keep thee’.  Major Ian said to the Territorial Leaders that we promised to pray for them especially when times come that could be difficult and maybe they have to say something that people don’t want to hear.  We will be supporting them with our prayers.

The sending out song to complete the weekend was  SA Song 980 ‘Soldiers of our God arise’.

What a great week-end we’ve had.  The prayers at the beginning of the day that God’s presence would be with us, that our hearts would be opened to receive the message and that we would shine for the Lord as we were anointed with the Holy Spirit were answered.  Thank you Lord.


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Chatham’s Got Talent

This Talent Night was a part of our 145th Corps Anniversary Celebrations in the presence of our Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill and Commissioner Gillian Cotterill with the Divisional Commanders, Majors Mark and Linda Herbert.  The evening was a fun, fellowship evening commencing with tea and cake – and a mystery entertainer in the shape of Nigel Day who performed some card tricks at the table.   Here are a few photos:

Following this we moved into our worship hall and commenced the evening with the singing of ‘To God be the Glory’ after the welcome and introduction by Major Ian F Payne.

Rod Tranah introduced his item by reading scripture relating to how God has chosen us and will carry on the good work in us.  He then sang two songs to his own guitar accompaniment.


Envoy Tony McClure then entertained us with an hilarious monologue of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ comprising letters of thanks from the recipient of the presents to his ‘true love’.  The ‘thanks’ turned to pleading not to send any more presents – all of which was very funny indeed.

We sang ‘Make the world with music ring’ – one of the old songs, before Laura Davis sang two songs she had written, to her own guitar accompaniment.  The second song, she explained, had been written in memory of her grandad.

Sue Willard read her own poem which she had written for her mother entitled ‘God is in my garden’.

Charlie Gouyet and Major Ian then played the cornet duet ‘Happy Warriors’.

Commissioner Anthony then spoke and said how busy he and Gill had been over the past few weeks and that they were grateful to come back to Chatham which was ‘home’ to them.  He said that it was the Corps where they had spent most time, from 2004 – 2012, in the whole of their ministry.  He was looking forward to the Sunday meetings when we can honour those who have gone before us and the impact that had been made on the community  and look to the future and the exciting times that lie ahead.

The final song was ‘I stand amazed in the presence’ before Commissioner Gill pronounced the blessing and benediction.

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Sunday Meetings 7 October

The 145th Corps Anniversary is being celebrated this week-end.  Sunday meetings will be at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Leaders for the week-end are Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill with Commissioner Gillian Cotterill.


please find  a copy of some of our Newsletter

Chatham Citadel Corps
Corps Officer
Major Ian F Payne

Corps Website:


7th October 2018


Welcome to Chatham Salvation Army, a Christian fellowship where we are attempting to bring ‘Christ to people and people to Christ’.

Happy 145th Birthday Chatham, today we welcome our Newly Appointed Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Anthony & Gillian Cotterill. No strangers to us at Chatham as they were soldiers of the Corps for six years when they were the Divisional leaders. We look forward to a day of challenge and celebration. It is a privilege to have our territorial leaders and we do not take that for granted. We also welcome, supporting the TC our own Divisional Leaders, Mark and Linda Herbert.

May today be a day of celebrating the past and thanking God for Faithfulness by so many people over 145 years, but largely can we all be asking God to bless and be part of our future lives and Corps.  We want God to not only be central in all we do but God to fulfill his purpose through us here in Chatham.

Tonight, we have Anthony and Gill on the Sofa in an informal setting to hear something of their journey – you could always come and be prepared to ask a question to them.

God Bless Chatham Citadel Corps on this its celebration day

Ian F Payne



Please pray this prayer:

Father God, I pray for my church today, that you will fill each of us with your joy and peace, and that, in our worship, our fellowship and mission, we will overflow with hope, by the power of your Holy Spirit, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.



FLOWERSWe are grateful to Penny and Roger Clay for the flowers which adorn our hall. (Thanks to Joan who arranges them) Please add your name to the list of dates on the notice-board if you wish to donate flowers

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) letter will be circulated among you over the next few weeks. It is important (& Legal) that you complete the form, sign and return to the Major ASAP, the letter is self-explanatory. Everyone in the Corps must complete one.


Corps Information
Crafty Fellowship We are commencing a Craft Fellowship, to create some banners for Advent. If you are interested why not come along to the introduction planning meeting on Wednesday 17th October at 10:30am in the Bradbury Hall. All welcome.
Sunday 25th November will be the Young People’s Annual. The morning meeting will be led by the young people, we will also incorporate a church parade with the Scout sections – it looks to be a great family morning. Well done to all your youth workers across the building, you are amazing.
Pastoral Home Care Team Please see the flyer with this newsletter with details about this new initiative. There will be a meeting for those interested on Monday 22nd October at 8pm.

Friday Night YOUFF Club If you are able to go on a rota to help out with the Friday Night Youff Club, could you please see Louise Robinson.


Be Prepared – Get it into your Diary – prepare who you are going to invite.

These invites will be available very soon, on the reverse will have the Corps programme times and a space for you to write the names of those you are inviting and a simple message. A great opportunity to engage with the community and friends. Also, please do pray for the two events that they will be effective in people lives.  ‘Christmas ……. It’s all about Jesus’



This Week at the Hall

10am                  Mainly Music
10am – 2pm      Community Café
10am – 2pm     One2One Employment Plus
10:30 – 1:00      Medway Foodbank
6pm                    Beavers & Cubs
7:30pm              Scouts & Explorers

8pm                    LADIES FELLOWSHIP – Craft Evening

6:30                    YP Band & Learners
8pm                    Senior Band
7:00pm              Life Project (Volunteers arrive from 6pm)


1:30pm              Cameo – Kent Air Ambulance

6:30pm              Roma Church – Armáda Spásy
8pm                    Bible Study – ‘Your Choice’ Favourite Bible story/verse etc:


6:15pm              Young People’s Singing Company
8pm                    Songsters


10am                  Mummy & Me
10:30 – 1:00     Medway Foodbank

12 – 12.30         Prayer Fellowship
7:30pm              Youff (Youth Club)



SUNDAY (14th October)

10am              ‘What are we to do with what we have’

6pm                Praise & Testimony




Please come if you can – you’ll be very welcome.  Here’s where we are:



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Cameo Flower arranging

Report from Major Estelle Clack

The ladies enjoyed arranging flowers today at Cameo Club!


God bless




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This Saturday 6 October

Come for tea and cake at 6 o’clock. 

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Monday Spot Part 2

On Sunday Evening , many of the Corps attended the Installation of  our new Territorial Leaders



Commissioners Anthony & Gillian Cotterill were installed by General Brian Peddle at Regent Hall in London.

The evening was supported by Regent Hall Band , Croydon Citadel Songsters and the Second Mile Worship Band .


Commissioners Anthony & Gillian were our Divisional Commanders a few years ago , and they soldiered at Chatham Corps during that time. It was therefore a particularly special event for us to attend .

The following is a selection of photographs of the evening, some are mine , others were provided by Major Estelle Clack & Graham Hatton , Thank you both





Greeting the General & Commissioner Rosalie Peddle





Installation Ceremony













This was followed by a presentation of Flowers from our own Fiona Pennington.

Our final photograph of the evening was of Our CO   with the new UK Territory Commissioners


Next Week on the 6th & 7th of October the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Anthony Cotterill and Commissioner Gillian Cotterill will be at Chatham Corps .  On the Saturday they are our special guests at Chatham’s got Talent

       and on the Sunday they  will be leading worship at 10 am  as part of  our Corps 145th Anniversary . The meeting at 4pm will take the form of an “ON THE SOFA”  event , which will give us the opportunity to get to know our new leaders

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Monday Spot 1 October 2018

Yesterday was Harvest Sunday and the morning meeting was led by Major Ian F Payne who had baked a marvellous harvest loaf for the occasion.


The meeting began with Major Ian referring to Col. 2:7  which says ‘we should be rooted and built up in Him’.  He showed pictures of harvesting in olden times with horsedrawn carts and then up to date harvesting with combine harvesters of great width.  He spoke of the vine and how it is spoken of in the Bible more than any other plant.  The congregation joined with the singing of SA Song 58 ‘Sowing in the morning’ and then SA Song 60 ‘Thank you Lord for your gift beyond words’ to commence a time of prayer.   The Singing Company brought their message ‘Harvest Hymn – Give Thanks’. One child in the gallery joined in the whole song very joyfully.


SA Song 70 ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ gave opportunity for the altar service, offering and donation of tinned food for the Foodbank to take place.   Bible reading John 15:1-17  was shown on screen being read by many different voices.   The Songsters’ contribution to the meeting was the song ‘All Good Gifts’.

Major Ian then gave the message from the Word ‘Thanksgiving & Gratitude’.  He said he enjoyed nothing better than sitting in a beautiful garden but confessed that he wasn’t a skilled gardener himself.  John 15 is a well known bible story.  There is an acknowledgement that the gardener is ‘My Father’.  If God is in control of the garden of our life – it’s good.  He will control our lives if we let him.  This is best, but sometimes it is hard.   We need to stay connected to the vine.  Verses 1 & 5 say ‘I am the vine’  It is so important that Jesus repeats it. We will become fruitful if we stay connected.  ‘Remain in Me’ Jesus says.  If you stay in touch, Major Ian said, ‘your feet won’t get warm but your heart will burn with life’.  When we bear fruit – loving each other – the Father is glad.  ‘Abide in Me’, Jesus says.  To abide means to ‘obey, observe and follow’ so if you do this you will bear fruit.

Where do we harvest souls for the Lord?  In past days it was in the open air where people were invited to come back to the hall and were led to Christ.  Where do we tell people about Jesus and the vine?  The message is one of love.  Tree roots spread as far out as the tree.  We are told to let our roots go deep in Jesus.  How deep are you rooted today?  How deep is your love?  –  The deeper you go the more fruit you will bear.  Christ will make his home in our hearts and our hearts need to pump in sync with God’s heart.  Eph 3:17  

The gardener is doing His job.  The vine is doing its job.  Are we doing our job?  Allow God to go deep into your heart and you will bear fruit.

The Song 65 ‘The wonder of it all’ was a time of reflection and an invitation to respond.   Prayer followed and then the final song, SA Song 9 Come ye thankful people come before the Benediction.


We are pleased to announce the sum raised by the MacMillan Coffee Morning was £436.45.  An excellent result.  Many thanks to all those who participated.

Next weekend is our 145 Corps Anniversary commencing at 6 pm on Saturday evening with tea and cake and ‘Chatham’s Got Talent’.  Our new Territorial Commanders, Commissioners Anthony and Gillian Cotterill will be here for the weekend.  The Sunday meetings will be at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Thank you for visiting our website.  A short report and photos will be published tomorrow of the visit to Regent Hall for the Installation of our Territorial Commanders.


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Songster Music


Big sort out at Chatham today anyone wanting Songster music from the 60’s to the 90’s let Major Ian know – we are making them available for the next 4 weeks (for a donation to songster funds). All in excellent condition –

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Sunday Meeting 30th September 2018

This Mornings meeting at 10 am  will be our Harvest Sunday. We will be accepting gifts of ‘TINS’ for the Foodbank, please give generously. We will also be having our annual Harvest Altar Service.



We have no Evening meeting this week as many of the Corps will be in London for the Welcome & installation of the UKT Territorial Commander, Commissioner Anthony Cotterill and Commissioner Gillian Cotterill.

5pm at the Regent Hall   Oxford Street.




Please join us for worship at Chatham @ 10 am

 if needed ,our  location  is below



Click on the maps to enlarge

If you need further directions  click here






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Macmillan coffee morning

The parent and toddler group team held another successful coffee morning on Friday in aid of Macmillan Cancer support. This has been an annual event for the last few years and is well attended. A big thankyou to all those who came along for coffee and cake, and to give a donation. At the time of writing, the total raised stands at £436.45.




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