Supporting the Needy

Since its very beginning The Salvation Army has attempted to meet the needs of those whose situation is less than fortunate through no fault of their own. To perform this function in a local environment the Army relies heavily on the generosity of local benefactors and others willing to give time energy and substance towards the work which we seek to do.

Food Parcels

Throughout the year and especially at Christmas time The Salvation Army in Chatham provides food parcels to those in extreme need. Whilst for many years this ministry has largely been run by one person, these days a number of different people are involved in the furthering of this work. The main responsibility for organisation lies with the purpose group for Service led by Murray Smith.


This service takes a somewhat lower profile than in the past as the corps is now providing an outlet for the newly formed Medway Foodbank and much, though not all, of the local need is met through this enterprise. The corps is one of four (currently) centres for the distribution of food to individuals and families authorised by a steadliy increasing number of approved organisations in the Medway Towns.

Christmas is a special time in all families. However, it is beyond the means of some families to even think about it being special . It is almost impossible, for some, to cope with everyday needs let alone provide the extras that go with this holiday time. Each year The Salvation Army collects toys and other supplies at its annual carol concerts and from other sources such as front line businesses which sometimes run special schemes to help. These goods are distributed to families in our area for whom Christmas would otherwise be hard to cope with. Names are provided to us by various groups such as Social Services, Doctors, Health Visitors and Probation Officers as well as, sometimes, caring neighbours. We are also able to provide special help with provisions and we know how much this can mean to people. The task of distribution is onerous and volunteer drivers would be appreciated as well as those prepared to give up a few hours to help assemble the packages.

If you would like to know more or be of assistance please contact us.