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Hall Address: Church St, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BT

Telephone: Office 01634 843689

Thank you for browsing through our site. We would invite you to mail us about anything that interests you. In fact, we want to hear from you!

We have tried to provide information of interest and to tell you what The Salvation Army is doing, particularly in Chatham,  and the Medway area.

If you would like to mail us please click the button above. Mail will be forwarded to the most appropriate person and we will endeavor to respond or acknowledge as soon as possible within a target of 3 days.

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  1. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Laura , we have two groups that might meet your needs they meet on Mondays and Friday.. this link gives you some details

    Obviously we are not open at present, but if you are interested, let me know and i can pass your contact details to the group leader



  2. Laura Kidwell says:

    Hi looking for info about mummy and baby groups i applied for nursery but now pulling out as my 3year old is not ready so looking for group that i can attend with her
    Many thanks

  3. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Trisha

    If you can take them to the SA Recycling Bin, that would be much appreciated.
    It will be put to good use and we thank you for thinking of us.

    Stay Safe

    Kind regards


  4. Patricia Mineham says:

    Dear Major Ian Payne
    My name is Trisha and you may remember me as I volunteer at Medway Foodbank and am part of the warehouse office team with June Tottman. (Although I am working from home for the Foodbank at the moment)
    Over the years I have dropped off donations of men’s clothing to your building in Chatham on Friday mornings, as my three boys have outgrown clothing.
    Just after Christmas my youngest son has moved out of the family home and I have been having a good sort out of cupboards.
    I have got a stack of towels, sheets, duvet covers etc that are just piled up in this time of lockdown. It hurts me to see that pile of items sitting there as I know they could be put to great by people you get help at the Salvation Army. i was wondering if i would be allowed to drop them off safely at some point soon. My husband and I are both shielding at home and have been keeping to ourselves over the months. I was wondering if we could drive to your building at an arranged time, ring someone, and then hand over the black bags of items outside the building, keeping distanced from your staff.
    Please can you let me know what you think about this idea or suggest a date when i could drop the items off in the future.
    Alternatively I suppose, I could put them in the Salvation Army recycling bin which is outside the Co Op supermarket in Walderslade village.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Trisha Mineham

  5. Kevin Abbott says:

    Thank you for your Very kind offer.
    if I could ask you to call 01634843689 and leave a message for our Officer Major Ian Payne, he will be able to liaise with you

    Kind regards


  6. Shahid A Khan says:

    Ww understand you have a distribution centre in Chatham. We would like to donate some food packs together with recipes for simple cooking meals.
    Kindly contact me.
    Ahmadiyya Muslim Association

  7. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi David

    Apologies but I only just saw this.

    Our Corps is taking part, but the collection day was today – Monday , however if you already have gifts could I ask you to contact
    Wendy 07368 629792 or , as they lead the team organising the Toy Appeal

    The link below is a copy of this weeks News letter with all the various details for the forthcomming weeks

    its called ” Chatham Chatter ” on our Website

    Thank you for your support


  8. David says:

    Hi, could you please inform me if you are participating in the Christmas toy donate scheme,and if so what days/time.regards Dave

  9. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Lucy

    I am sure we can help
    if I could ask you to call 01634843689 and leave a message (regarding Food packages & Christmas Hampers) we could also probably help with childrens presents. If you have to leave a message on the answer machine please leave your details and the team can get in touch

  10. Lucy Basson says:

    Hello Lucy basson I got told contact you as in need of help for my 4 children one is 7 months one is 3 and one is 5 one is 17 I’m struggling for chritmas present on low income with bills and food don’t leave me much get chritmas gifts or food for chritmas I have a broken foot at min finding it hard work if u can help thank u so much

  11. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good afternoon Elizabeth

    I am sure we can help
    if I could ask you to call 01634843689 and leave a message (regarding Food packages & Christmas Hamper) with your friends details , it can all be collated with the team .



  12. Elizabeth Nicholas says:

    I think I have made an enquiry about Christmas meals. If not this is my enquiry a dear friend of mine lives in sheltered accommodation in Cuxton, she broke both ankles 8 weeks ago has been to surgery 4 times has spent 8 weeks in hospital and a nursing home. She is now home in an upstairs flat carried in by the. Ambulances service. She lives alone and moved to Cuxton this time last year so had no local network of support. She will be alone on Christmas Day her son may be able to visit , but that cannot be guaranteed. She has care staff but is left with a sandwich for lunch, and I am sure she would be delighted if she could have a hot meal. Please let me know if you think she will qualify for one of your Christmas Day lunches. Also is she able to qualify for your food packages, she is not able to collect a package .

  13. Liz Nicholas says:

    I understand that you are delivering meals on Christmas Day for people in need.
    I have a friend in Cuxton, that is recovering from having broken both her ankles have been in hospital and a nursing home for the past 8 weeks. She returned to her sheltered flat last week which is upstairs and in shelter accommodation she is very likely to be alone during the Christmas period and I wondered if she would be eligible for a Christmas me. She would also benefit from your food parcel as she is house bound and cannot get out, I am not sure if you deliver food or what your criteria is to receive your help.

  14. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Sonia
    At present we are unable to hold physical Toddler & Baby Groups. The best thing would be to get in touch with our Officer Major Ian Payne 01634 843689 –, and he can put you in touch with the team .



  15. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hello Robert

    Thanks for getting in touch. We have a clothing bank just outside of our hall in Chatham , that would be the best option

    Thank you for your donation

  16. Sonia Shompa says:

    I’m moving to Chatham next week. I’ve had to flee domestic abuse, id like to bring my son to one of your toddler and baby groups. Are they going to still take place? As i think the PM has said we are due a lockdown from next thursday.

    Please let me know if its still on and if not any other alternatives; physically or online i.e zoom i dont mind.

  17. Robert Brisley says:

    Hello. I would like to donate clothes that I wear no longer for the homeless. I wonder if there is a drop off point in Church Street, Chatham.

  18. Kevin Abbott says:


    At present we have no activities to attend as such , you could join us on Sunday mornings on our YouTube broadcast , which you can reach via this website , and if you call 01634 843689 and leave a message with our officer Major Ian Payne he could arrange for some children’s publications to be made available & possible give you details of how to link up with our Young Peoples team .



  19. Hi I’m interested in some activities for my 7yr old son and would appreciate some more information and availability and also about volunteering tnks

  20. Kevin Abbott says:

    I will certainly do that for you Corrine , The team do a great job and will love to know your making use of the content

    Take Care



  21. Corinne Walters says:

    HI, please could you pass on my thanks to whoever puts together the online Sunday School activities. I run the Children’s work at Cirencester Corps and have found your activities really useful to share online with our children at this difficult time.

  22. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Conor

    I have updated our Corps officer , andxasked that he get in touch


    Kevin .

  23. At IMHP Entertainment, in association with Improving Mental Health Provision CIC, we provide a platform for those suffering with their mental health and parallel issues to create films and media about the issues they find most pressing in the local area. Currently our team is working on a documentary focused on homelessness in Medway.

    We would be interested in discussing with you what your group does to combat the current homelessness situation. If possible we’d also like to arrange filmed interviews with both your team members and clients to get your personal views on what is working and what could be improved. We’d also be very grateful if we could gather footage of your facilities as we are trying to capture a realistic image of those who are currently classed as homeless and what their lives are truly like.

    Feel free to contact me with any information or follow up questions you may have via the email address provided.

  24. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Morning Maja

    Best thing would be to come down on Sunday 10 am is the Morning meeting , we have no evening meeting this Sunday . if you take a look on the website & read the ” Monday Spot” article, this weeks activities are listed ..



  25. Maja cecillie nielsen says:


    Im a danish girl from Chatham. I will love to come and meet you. Im in the salvation army in Danmark. Im au pair/Nanny in Medway

    From Maja Nielsen

  26. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening

    Please accept my apologies that you received no reply to your phone calls.The office is not permanently manned i am afraid.

    At Chatham we have no storage facilities for much bedding so the storage container may be the best option ro donate those items. Towels on the other hand we do get through as we offer showers to the homeless and the turn around of towels means extras are always welcome. If you are local then dropping off at the hall on a monday would be an option. The cafe is open then . Alternatively i could see if i can collect if that is more suitable

    Kind regards


  27. D says:

    I have donated in the past – kitchen equipment and utensils, TV, music centre, various household items, clothes I have put in your large container at the supermarket car park.
    I now have various items of bedding – sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, down and feather duvets, bath towels.
    I have tried to phone many times to find out what is not suitable to donate but have got no reply.
    Could you let me know what you won’t accept and if you collet?

  28. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Maria
    I am afraid the Craft Club does not operate anymore ( The Website does need some updating I am afraid ). We do have a connection with the Special Care Baby Unit at Medway Hospital , and do remember some crocheting being done for small baby clothes..after Christmas I can make some enquiries for you . If I don’t get back to you soon please message me again as your kind offer is much appreciated . If your are ever able to come into Chatham , it would be good to see you ..




  29. Maria Farthing says:

    Hello I would like to know a bit more about what you do in the craft club . I’m disabled and don’t work but would like to give back to my community if I can . I have fibromyalgia and a degeneration of the discs in my spine so in a lot of pain most of the time . I crochet at home . So if there is anything I can help with I would love to help out a bit .

  30. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Steve.

    We have a complete Openhouse on Christmas Day for anyone to come along too…Homeless or otherwiae. On Tuesdays we host an evening meal and other services all through the year for the homeless. Other Churches cover other eveninga during the week.
    If we are made aware of any problems we will always help.

    Kind regards


  31. Steve Barton says:

    Today when I was in Chatham a homeless man asked me for £1 for a coffee
    I gave it to him we chatted and he told the salvation army does very little for the homeless people over Christmas

  32. Steve Barton says:

    Today when I was in Chatham
    A homeless man asked me for £1 for a coffee
    Which i gave him
    I said that I thought the salvation army went out looking for the the homeless to help them at Christmas
    He said that is not true

  33. Kevin Abbott says:

    That is very Kind Chris….you could email them to

    Thank you

  34. chris bovell says:

    Hi SA,

    I took some pictures of your team on Sunday from the Christmas market

    Would like to send the images

  35. Kevin Abbott says:

    Thank you Teniola

  36. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Tracey

    We host people in need on Christmas Day , if you would like to contact Grace who is co-ordinating this 07870636451 or . Grace is from Medway Sunlight Rotary Club who are organising the day



  37. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon George

    We host people in need on Christmas Day , if you would like to volunteer to come and help , please contact Grace who is co-ordinating this 07870636451 or



  38. Teniola says:

    Hello, i filled a form today on the waiting list. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  39. Hi, We work with people who have Mental Health issues and some are very lonely and have no family or friends to spend Christmas with. Are you providing Christmas day dinners this year at Chatham? If so please could you let us know the timings and how people could book onto this please?

  40. George Wilkins says:

    I was wondering if you could help me, I am not sure if my family are around on Christmas Day and I am interested in volunteering to help support people on the day. Do you run or know of any companies that ‘host’ a Christmas Day for people in need. I live in Medway in Kent.

    Thanks in advance

    George Wilkins

  41. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Corrine

    I thought i had replied earlier,but can’t see that it was ever sent to you. I am afraid we have no storage space ao cannot accept the kind offer you have made. Our Corps officer tells me the Emmaus church have a furniture shop and they do collect. I hope they can help you .



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