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Hall Address: Church St, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BT

Telephone: Office 01634 843689

Thank you for browsing through our site. We would invite you to mail us about anything that interests you. In fact, we want to hear from you!

We have tried to provide information of interest and to tell you what The Salvation Army is doing, particularly in Chatham,  and the Medway area.

If you would like to mail us please click the button above. Mail will be forwarded to the most appropriate person and we will endeavor to respond or acknowledge as soon as possible within a target of 3 days.

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  1. Corinne Hopkins says:

    I have a complete bedroom suite and 2 leather sofas to donate. Is this something you can accept?

  2. Kevin Abbott says:

    good Afternoon Sara

    I will pass your message on to the Band , and they will contact you directly



  3. Sara Morrissey says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Sara Morrissey from the Withens Nursing home. I was wondering if you would be available to play for residents at our home in Southfleet near Gravesend on a date at you convenience over the Christmas period. If this is something you would be able to help us with we would very much like to hear from you 🙂
    Best regards

  4. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Jayne

    Some more information on Christmas day .
    Christmas Day Volunteering
    If you (friends or neighbours) wish to volunteer
    for the Christmas Day programme of activities
    please see Major Ian or contact Grace, who is
    co-ordinating the day on 07870 636451



  5. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good evening Jayne

    Best thing is to call the Corps office 01634 843689, thank you for your most kind offer



  6. Jayne Fenney says:

    My friend and I are interesting in helping with the Christmas dinner service that you provide for the homeless people and we are not sure how to go about volunteering could you give us some advice and information on how to go about it please

  7. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Vinnette

    Thank you very much for your offer.i have been told that we are currently well supplied for toys and books , and unfortunately we have little storage space to take in any more.I believe the Gillingham Corps 01634 851224 used to run a charity shop , so it may be worth a call to them.

    Once again your offer is really appreciated



  8. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Vinnette

    I will make enquiries with our Childrens work leader , could you advise me what sort of age range are the books and toys



  9. Vinnette Powell says:


    I have lots of books, toys and a keyboard that my son has outgrown. Are you looking for donations? If so I could bring them down to you.

    Vinnette Powell

  10. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Maxine

    I believe the phone does transfer to a fax if not answered.

    How can we help



  11. Maxine Cromack says:


    I have been trying to get i touch but the phone sounds like a fax.

    Would you get in touch with me please?

  12. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good afternoon Hannah

    I have oassed on you e-mail address

    Bandmaster or deputy will be in touch

  13. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Daniel

    I have nor managed to speak to anyone from the foodbank yet..usually it ooerates mondays and fridays . it may be best to call 01634757057 ( tuesday to thursday)that is the Trussell trust who run the food banks and ask them if they can advise you

    Kind regards


  14. Hannah says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I’m happy to give out more details but it is probably easier if I contact them via email. Are you happy to send the details to my email?

    Best wishes,

  15. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Daniel

    Thank you for getting in touch

    Let me find which days the foodbank is operating through August and i will get back to you



  16. Daniel says:


    I need to do a volunteering day with the company I work for and would be interested in volunteering for your food bank event?



  17. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Hannah

    If you could let me have some general details of the event, I will pass them on to the Bandmaster


  18. Hannah says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I’m currently organizing a local Christmas event and was wanting to get in contact with someone about inviting the band to play.

    Best wishes,

  19. Kevin Abbott says:

    Thank You william , I will pass on your details to our officer, and ask him to get in touch

    kind regards


  20. William Brannagan says:

    I am a pensioner living in Lordswood Chatham. I am not able to travel to Chatham to the Citadel but would like to support your work in Chatham if that would be possible by perhaps a regular donation to your wonderful work. I do make. Regular donation annually to your Christmas appeal but feel I would love to donate if possible to Chatham branch? Please contact me my phone Number is 07889902562 or by email
    I remain
    Your Brother in Christ
    William Brannagan

  21. Kevin Abbott says:

    Hi Rachelle , let me pass your enquiry to our Band Manager



  22. Rachelle Freeguard says:

    Hi do you have a band that maybe available to support out carol singing event in December at Allhallows Primary Academy? Thank you

  23. Sally Bragg (Wood) says:

    Thanks, Kevin. Much appreciated.

  24. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Morning Sally

    details passed to Carolynn.. I think the Telephone transfers to a Fax after a while ,The E-mails go to our Officer I believe, I will follow up on that


  25. Sally Bragg ( (Wood) says:

    Trying to contact Carolynn Woodman re a music- related issue. Your telephone number reverts to a high- pitched scream after a short ringing time and the ‘mail us link’ does not work. Please ask her to contact me via email. Thank you.

  26. Kevin Abbott says:

    Thank you for getting in touch Teresa.. Hope you make contact ok



  27. Teresa Dexter says:

    oh dear….I have just read in the ebook that Gisele is niw at Bromley ; please accept my apologies for bothering you…..I will try to reach her there.
    Thank you

    Teresa Dexter

  28. Tess Dexter says:

    Dear Officer

    I am an ex Salvationist living in Central North Division.

    I remember General Gowans from my army days and love his songs and prayer poems.

    I read one of his poems aloud at my Evangelical Pentecostal church in Atherton last Sunday , and will be reading more (I have the cd with dozens of his poems on it).

    I only met John once, at a SA celebration in Bolton, but it was wonderful to shake the hand of this gentleman I had admired for so long.

    At present I am reading the ebook “the girl with a mind of her own”which i have downloaded onto my tablet…..what a beautifully fascinating insight into my beloved SA !!!

    I was wondering if Commisioner Gisele still attends your Corps and if so, would it be acceptable for me to email her?

    The ebook has brought up quite a lot of issues for me which I would love to as? about/share with Commisioner….if she is up to it and can spare the time??

    I know she is a little older than myself (I am 74), but I have no idea what her health is like, so will understand if it isnt possible to send her my thoughts.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  29. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good evening Laura we have Mummy & Me which meets on a Monday and Mainly Music which meets Fridays.

    I will ask the Team Leader Sue to contact you directly to discuss everything



  30. Laura Batman says:

    Myself and my husband have recently move to the area and are looking for a group to take our 18 month old to on a Friday and or Monday. Have you any spaces for us?
    Thank you

  31. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening Jude

    It would probably be best to approach the Local headquarters

    Territorial Headquarters

    6 Shipeolu St, Onipanu, Shomolu, Lagos

    Postal address:

    Box 3025

    Tel: +234 (1) 774 9125

    Kind regards



  33. Kevin Abbott says:

    Thank You for getting in touch Tanya.I will pass on your contact details to Sue Willard who leads the group and ask her to get in touch

    Kind Regards


  34. Tanya Lonte says:

    Is it possible to attend these groups with my 15 month old girl? We are new in the area and I would like my little one to interact with other children and for me to meet other parents.

    Thanks in advanced.
    Tanya Lonte

  35. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good morning

    Would you be able to pass on full details of the event. I will then give the info to our Bandmaster who could then contact you directly



  36. Karl Hurst says:


    You were suggested to us by the Canterbury band. They said you may be able to play for us at our Vicarage garden party on Saturday 6th July. We expect between 100 – 200 people.

  37. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening . I think the best thing to do is to call our office Telephone: 01634 843689 and speak to Major Ian Payne. He may be aware of places to contact , or Salvation army furniture shops that may be able to help. if you are in the area maybe you could go to the hall and speak face to face.

    Kind regards


  38. Jobie says:

    Hello, me and my children have been classed as homeless for 19 months living at my parents home, which we was sleeping in 1 double bedroom.
    Finally after a lot of stress and tears we’ve finally got a private rented house. 4 weeks we’ve had the keys but still living at my mums as we have nothing to go into the property.
    I’m as for advice or help in only the main essentials washing machine, fridge freezer, 2 single beds, a double and sofa.
    Is there any help I could get of you’s Or is there any advice you can give me please.
    Thankyou x

  39. Jean Jones says:

    Thank you for your message. I will certainly pass on your condolences. As yet we have no date for the funeral but when we know we will post details on this website.
    With kind regards

    Jean Jones (temporary web manager)

  40. Julie Blyth says:

    My husband and i were so sorry to hear of the death of Rex Boughton. We have known both him and Dorothy for many years and wondered if there is a date yet for his funeral as we would like if possible to attend .

    Please pass on our love and prayers to Dorothy and the family


  41. Gillian Marchand says:

    In previous years your church or organisation has subscribed to Churches Together in Medway. We are contacting you through the details on your website to ask if you would like to rejoin us.

    We hold bi-monthly Leaders’ Prayer meetings and we hold three Breakfasts each year where Ministers and Leaders can meet together informally Usually there will be information given about joint local initiatives and it is a great opportunity to get to know people from other parts of the Body of Christ in Medway. Every year we hold a celebration at the Cathedral on October 31st called Saints Alive.

    Our website can be used to publicise church events and exchange information. As members we publish your name and website address unless you ask us not to.

    Please let me know if you would like a Membership form and let me have an email address.

    Thank you

  42. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good afternoon

    Thank you for your enquiry, i have asked the group leader to reply to you directly..



  43. Kremena says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to bring my 14months old son to mommy and me group.Shoud i book in advance?

  44. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Evening , sorry about the late response..i will ask and get back to you



  45. Rose Newman says:

    I would like to bring my 18 month old great granddaughter to the mummy & me session on a Friday do I have to book in advance ? Rone

  46. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good afternoon Nisha
    apologies that I have only just seen this message

    Our Foodbank operates on a Monday , and I believe it’s a voucher system that operates . if you can pop down to the hall and discuss it with the team they will be able to advise better than I can.

  47. Nisha jani says:

    Hi your the nearest food bank near me. Me and my partner don’t get paid for almost 2 weeks and we have ran out of food and everything my parent is diabetic he has to eat or he just sleeps cause he is too weak I’m worried that he won’t be able to work or that he will end up in hospital I need to find away to get some food for him can you please help me

  48. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good afternoon Graham, certainly the building will be open , i would imagine if you went down for 10.00 it would be fine

  49. Graham brown says:

    Hi I’m Graham I live in Chatham I’m claiming universal credit I’ve been given a foodbank voucher I’m going to use it for tomorrow at ur place is that ok what time u open in morning

  50. Kevin Abbott says:

    Good Afternoon Nick

    It seem that at present we are overflowing with toys and have no more storage to keep anymore. Your offer was very kind. I hope you can find some other playgroup s in medway who could make use of the toys



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