Desert Island Discs 15

This weeks musical choices for Desert Island Discs were made by Jean Jones

My choice of songs came to me quite clearly when I sat and thought about it and I cannot seem to change them. So please forgive the sombre/ thoughtful tone but maybe that’s appropriate just now.
My first choice has been a favourite of mine for years. Music by Dick Krommenhoek to words of scripture ‘Surely He has borne our griefs’. This is an acute reminder of what the Lord has done for us. He carried our sins and sorrows so that ‘with His stripes we are healed’. Both words and music are soul enriching


My second choice has also been special to me for years and coincidentally has been voted as the favourite SA song by a poll on the SA Music Editorial Dept Facebook page. It is ‘Christ’s Part’. He deserves ‘the best of rooms – the heart’.
The harmony and melody match the words perfectly and deserve a response.

My third choice is ‘Breathe and be Still’ by Andrew Maycock. So appropriate for the times we are living through just now. When we get anxious just find a quiet place – breathe and be still and God comes to us.

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