Desert Island Discs 14

This weeks Desert Island Disc choices come from Rosemary Steadman-Allen.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have struggled with just identifying three songs that I love / mean a lot / speak to me. If I could have included one more it would definitely have been ‘compelled by love’ by Andrew Blyth.

My first choice is ‘Rise up shepherd’. I remember being the page turner for Carole at the Central Hall at the Christmas carol concerts (3 over the weekend in those days!) and hearing this song sung by the songsters. It felt so Christmassy, and I just enjoyed listening to it.


My second choice is ‘Somebody prayed for me’

During my life I have been so grateful for faithful people who have remembered me specifically in their prayers. Prayer is powerful; after all, if we think about how we are engaging with the love and life force that holds the word together, why aren’t we all praying about everything all the time? This initially became precious to me because it meant so much to my mum when she heard the songsters sing this at the corps, but has become more meaningful as I have needed to know the support of people in this way. As you listen, thanks God for those faithful prayer warriors, but also think of someone you can pray for and bring into God’s presence.

My last choice is ‘This age of rockets’

sung by Chatham and Kettering songsters at Dad’s 90th birthday celebration at the Regent Hall in London. The highlight for me that evening, and I know for most there, was when he hijacked the event by walking over to the piano and playing Eudoxia; a tune he played every evening for mum (some may not know that she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease)- ‘Now the day is over’. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place from what I recall! If you want to read the write up of that event on the Chatham SA website here’s the link

90 Years Young

I love this song, which includes ‘who is on the Lord’s side’; such a message of inspiration and challenge; it ends with the confident testimony ‘Saviour we are thine’

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