Desert Island Discs 13

This weeks contribution was made by Floss Scott , her choices and thoughts are copied for you below

As we slowly move towards the end of what has been a weird year, I find myself reflecting on what the year has taught me. For me this last half of the year has proved to be more challenging than the first part and I have found myself facing a daily struggle with life. I selected this song primarily because of its message of support- something that I sure nearly everyone has felt a lack of at times. However, as this song demonstrates, God is always there supporting us, He will never let us down and will be present even during our most trying and darkest times. Even though Covid makes us feel alone and seems like a never ending cycle, it is imperative to remember that even though it may not feel like it now; when we look back we will be able to see that God was there with us the whole time and that He heard all our worries and concerns.


The reason I chose this song is because it serves as a reminder that in all the challenges we face and all the ‘battles’ we face, we never face them alone. There is always someone facing them with us and this is something we should remember. It can be shown in different ways such as an unexpected message from someone, a sudden feeling of comfort or even finding a song that speaks to you. The fact that we never face our battles alone is a key theme of this song and is one that provides comfort and peace.


I found this song recently and was shocked when I first heard it because it spoke to me as it seemed to describe my current position perfectly. The reason I’ve chosen this as the last song to share is because I hope that it offers the same encouragement to everyone as it has to me. The message of the song is that we will be ok and I hope that during these trying times we remember that in God, we will be ok.

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