Desert Island Discs 11

This weeks Desert Island Disc choices were made by Sharon Smith

My first song chosen is by his hand. This was the song that Bedminster Songsters sang the Sunday morning when Andy did the meeting and informed the Corps of our move. Everyone was shocked and quite a few had tears in their eyes, in particular Andys parents, myself, Katelyn and Andy. This song reminded us that we had to put our trust in him, he was leading us through the whole process.

My second choice Grace Alone this is especially special to both Andy and myself. It was the song chosen for Katelyns Dedication. The words incorporated in the first verse says every mountain we will climb, every ray of hope we shine. This really hit home to both of us because of the journey that we went on when Katelyn was born. Her premature birth scared both of us. Every day was like climbing a mountain- 1 step forward and 2 steps back but as the days turned into weeks our initial worries turned into hope and eventually blessings when after 7 weeks she was allowed home. It was our strength and gods love that carried us all through those weeks of uncertainty

My last song I’m in his hands. I chose this song because of the words. It reminds us that in the good days and the bad days we are in his hands. It was with me during the final days of my fathers journey. God only knows what the future holds. In these uncertain days of not knowing when we are going to be able to meet as a collective group we need to remember and leave everything in his hands x

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