Desert Island Discs 8

This weeks Desert Island Disc choices were made by Adrian Horwood

So to my song choices. I hesitate to call them favourites because that would change depending on the day, my mood and, how well it is sung. I thought I would choose from songs we have sung, but even then, how can I choose favourites from such songs as Bow the knee, Mid all the traffic (I used to love conducting our brigade in that one which you sang so well), Majesty & Glory, Spirit Divine, Moment by moment, Closer than. ……………..
Instead I thought I would go back to some of the songs we used when I was conducting – significant songs that were inspiring (could go for many in that category), uplifting or just fun.

I thought I would start with fun! This is the same version we used but without our drama team!


My next significant song was one I immediately felt we should use when I heard it.
It meant a lot to many people at various stages of their lives, was often requested and gives great reassurance that even when we don’t know how to pray or what to pray for, friends will be remembering us in their prayers.


Great difficulty choosing the next – I first thought of From the first hallelujah which is another fun song with a message about remaining true & consistent through all life’s difficulties, or I’ll not turn back with a similar message.

We have been fortunate in having some great soloists in the brigade and when I heard this song sung at the RAH festival one year, it had a powerful impact on me with it’s take on the Easter story. It was sung on that occasion by the same person as in this clip – Jude Gotrich – 2 of our songsters used it at different times,Lisa & Rachel, in the very important part of all our programmes, speaking and singing about Jesus.

Let’s hope & pray it won’t be long before we can once be part of worship in this way.


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