Desert Island Discs 4

This weeks choices come from Martin Davis

Hi everyone! This week, it’s my turn to share three songs with you. Deciding on favourites is impossible, but here are three contrasting songs which help us give thanks to God for his love, glory and majesty. I’ve enjoyed singing each of these in the past. Although we aren’t able to sing at the moment, I hope you enjoy listening to these songs and ‘making a melody to the Lord with your heart’ (Eph 5:19 ESV).

O Love (Elaine Hagenberg)

A recent setting of timeless words about an eternal truth. As summed up by holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom – ‘There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still’.

I have seen the Glory of the Lord (Chris Brindley)

Moses encountered God at the burning bush, Elijah heard a quiet but clear voice and, in Revelation, choirs of angels proclaimed the victory of Christ. This song reminds us that God speaks to his people in many different ways, but his faithfulness remains the same.

The majesty and glory of Your name (Tom Fettke)

During lockdown, I have been grateful to be able to spend time walking in local fields and woodland. This song reminds us that we can see God’s glory throughout all of his creation; from the night sky, to the fields and the sea. It’s incredible that the God who made all of these things notices us – even loves us!

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