Desert Island Discs 3

Our third contributor to Desert Island Discs is Ruth Hardy

Song 1

I dare to be different!

It came out around and about when I was going into the training college, and was chosen to be sung at my farewell meeting in Plymouth ( the choice was not mine but brought a smile to everyone’s face, coz Ruthie is always a little bit different :). As I’ve got older and have understood the never fully blending in part of me I’ve grown to love the words Comm’r Harry Reed penned – I dare to want to live like Christ, According to His will and way; His love to know, compassion share,And serve Him boldly every day. I now strive to always Dare to be Different. There’s 2 links because one is it sung and the other is a bit of info.

I Dare to Be Different


My second song – (also down to be sung at my funeral … as is I dare to be different for that matter – just in case anyone is asked when the time comes) is one from the song book and the words written from that incredible poet General Albert Osborne. It’s song 527 Except I am moved with Compassion. The song is a challenge from the first verse to the last, and a reminder that every day every action every moment I should burn with the love of God for everyone I meet. It also shows that when we do get it wrong or when we’ve pulled away from the Lord we can be reignited with his passion and compassion. It is not with might to establish the right, nor yet with the wise to give rest;The mind cannot show what the heart longs to know, nor comfort a people distressed. O Saviour of men, touch my spirit again, and grant that Thy servant may be Intense every day as I labour and pray, both instant and constant for Thee. Except I am moved with compassion,How dwelleth Thy Spirit in me? In word and in deed burning love is my need; I know I can find this in Thee

Except I Am Moved with Compassion


And finally number 3. (for which there were a number of contenders), must come from the pen of our own General John (Gowans). I’ve been stuck between General Booth enters heaven and Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb and They Shall come from the East, they Shall from the West, and came to a realisation that actually they both speak of all nations coming together in one place with our Lord. They shall come from the East seems so pertinent in these difficult times, that its that song I choose as my last. General John so beautifully reminds us that all are created in God’s image and all are part of his Kingdom. We’re in a turbulent world at the moment which needs the love of Christ and it’s down to us, to you, to me to show that love and openness. They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west, And sit down in the Kingdom of God;
Out of great tribulation to triumph and rest. They’ll sit down in the Kingdom of God. From every tribe and every race, All men as brothers shall embrace; They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west. And sit down in the Kingdom of God.

And before I go I just wanted to share a picture that I found which encapsulates I hope the joy when we finally see our Saviour face to face

The artist is Kerolos Safwat and his story is worth reading. Okay thats enough from me. Have a great run up and bank holiday weekend folks, you’re always in my heart.


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