Desert Island Discs


Tim & Heather Scott have selected a few songs,  and in the style of Desert Island Disc they have commented on the choices. They did share this among the Songsters , but then thought everyone might like to hear them. Please see below what choices they made .


Dear Songsters
While we are still unable to meet and sing ( and while we are enjoying ‘summer breaks’), Tim had the idea for a Songster ‘Desert Island Disc’ project.
You may be feeling isolated and deserted at the minute, or cast adrift, but be assured: you are not alone or forgotten ?
The idea is that each Thursday a songster chooses up to 3 songs that take them through their spiritual/ physical life. You can post the song on WhatsApp or just give the words. Please write 1 or 2 sentences about why you chose this song.
I will start this week and then approach others with the opportunity to share in the following weeks.
Feel free to volunteer – just contact me first so I can make sure all is orderly. Thanks

So watch out for my Desert Island Disc offering during the day!!
Heather x


Song 1
This song takes me back to my childhood – I can still hear my home songster brigade singing it.
My mum was (and still is at age 89) the songster pianist, so I vividly remember her practising the accompaniment.
As an aside, this song also holds memories for Tim, as he remembers singing it as a solo when he was in the YP sections.


Song 2
When Tim and I were 20 something DINKies (Dual Income, No Kids) we lived and worked in London and soldiered at The Regent Hall. These were exciting days – full of potential and promise. Under the leadership of Brian Willetts (a talented and sensitive musician) the RH Songsters recorded a cd at Abbey Road studios (of Beatle fame).
This song captures my memories of the time. (Listen carefully and you might hear Tim and myself singing.)


Song 3
This song brings me right up to the here and now – a Zoom production of a song we sing in Chatham Songsters. In fact, the music is currently in my songster folder.
As I look back over my life in these songs, I realise Jesus always was, always is and always will be there, even though ‘things change’.

I hope you enjoy these songs.
God bless!

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