Letter to all regarding Covid 19 Virus.


Commanding Officer: Major Ian F Payne
Tel: 01634 843689 – 07813 949 773
Email: chatham.citadel@salvationarmy.org.uk
Church St, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BT


17th  March 2020

To All members, friends and Associates of Chatham Citadel

Dear Friends
We are living in unprecedented times and there is so much information around in so many form regarding the Covid19 Virus.

In light of the importance of the situation and of my duty of care to you all there will be a n umber of changes brought in for the next three weeks, this will be reviewed by myself and the leadership as we receive advice and counsel from the SA Task Force and Government briefings.
In light of the Government’s announcement yesterday we will abide by the advice given, even though that will a challenge for
us all;

Over the next three weeks;
• All activities in the Hall will be cancelled
• There will be some areas that will require further consideration i.e. emergency action: Foodbank, the team will take
a lead from Medway Foodbank, as I am sure there will be an increased need for this service.
• Life Project feeding the homeless will continue and will be a take away service only.




It has been said that religious services are to be a part of the decision,
(PM Statement …..’logically as we advise against unnecessary social contact of all kinds, it is right that we should extend this
advice to mass gatherings as well)
The Health Minister (Matt Hancock), at the dispatch box yesterday, stated that all churches and faith groups to be included in the advice even though that will be very difficult for many.
Therefore, for the next three Sundays there will be no meetings at the hall, but I will be ‘Live streaming’ a time of worship at 10am, details of how to engage and join in will be circulated by Friday.

I will be (if necessary) setting up an emergency meal service for those who are alone and isolated, we have all the resources for such a service – I will, if this goes forward require volunteers to deliver – but more will come out as and when. Please can
you share this far and wide and the extreme importance of abiding by these guidelines.

Overall look out for each other, neighbours etc; Let me know if anyone needs help, there will be more information about this coming out very soon. Be safe, if you are in the vulnerable group please do stay in, if you go out for a walk, do not go close to
people, keep a distance, continue to thoroughly wash your hand regularly.

A few weeks ago I preached on Prayer, here is a time to use the stillness we find ourselves in to pray for Chatham SA,membership, youth, children all activities and the community we live in, there is no greater time than now that we need to exercise our right to engage with God, be assured that you are all in my personal prayers as we journey together.

God bless you all

Ian F Payne
Commanding Officer – Chatham Citadel Corps

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