Monday Spot 16th March 2020




Our Sunday Morning meeting was led by Major Ian Payne 

    The Theme for the morning was  ‘God’s Bigger Plan’

We watched a Message from the General regarding the Salvation Army’s response to the  Coronavirus



As Part of Major Ian’s  introduction , he asked people to define how big God was, and then we were invited to sing along with the Powerpoint

God is a Great Big God












Our next song of the morning was Song   29          Have you ever stopped

Tune       558         High as the Sky

following which Major Ian Quoted from the first lines of the next song, written by Albert Osbourne

The Saviour of men came to seek and to save the souls who were lost to the good;
His Spirit was moved for the world which He loved with the boundless compassion of God

We then sang  Song      626     The Saviour of Men

Tune       484         The Old Rustic Bridge

Our Last in the series of Self Denial films was next

Self Denial Film Week 5

and this was followed by the Singing Company , who sang   “Father Creator ” , and it was beautifully sung

The Mornings Scripture Reading was    Genesis 22:1-18

our next congregational song was Song     91      Of all in Earth or Heaven

Tune       209         Annie Laurie

and following a time of Prayer the  Songsters message for the morning was  ” In the Quiet of this Hour ”

The Message          ‘God’s Bigger Plan’  Major Ian F Payne

Major Ian spoke of God having a plan for all of us , and some people just see themselves as getting on with things in life, but we must remember God has plans , just as we do ourselves .

Ian had always wanted to be a Chef, and he achieved this and felt quite fulfilled, until God came into his life and it all changed , he feels more fulfilled now doing what God wants him to do ( sometimes that still involves cooking ) . .The point was made that their is nothing wrong in planning out your life , just  check with yourself , is it given over to God.

In 2020  , what is God doing in your life  – Matt 28:18-20  is Gods plan .

We heard a recording of a song ” How Big is God ” ( hope to be able to add it later )

Our final two songs were

Song              477         Thank you for saving me

Tune       852         “      “            “


Song              925         Let us go out into the World

Tune       937         With Love in our Hearts



Following the meeting , some of the Band continued the regular ministry in the High St



Sunday 15 March 2020  5pm Meeting.

This meeting was led by the Songsters

Its Theme was    ‘Blessed Assurance’

Reading: Hebrews 10:19-25

Pre-Meeting song by the Songsters was        ‘God loves you’

Following the welcome and introduction we had a Bible passage

Text: Job 19:25

Tony McClure , who was leading the meeting told us that Job had assurance in his life

Our first congregational song was

Song: 224 ‘I know that my Redeemer…’

Tune: 2 ‘And above the rest’

and following this we had an Opening Prayer from Heather Scott

The Message from the Band this afternoon was the March Balga Citadel –  Composed by Allen Pengilly

The next Song from the Songsters was : ‘On the  Rock’

Tony informed us about the writer of the next song , Fanny Crosby ( 1820-1915)

This rather unassuming lady from New York City is credited with authoring between 8,000-9,000 hymns and gospel songs, and of that huge number Blessed Assurance is her most popular and most reproduced (showing up roughly 878 times).  This hymn is second on the most popular hymn list, just behind Amazing Grace.  So, you see, it’s this hymn that introduces many people to a little blind lady named Fanny Crosby.

Just for comparison, the next most prolific hymn writer for the church was Charles Wesley and he’s generally credited with writing somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6,000 hymns.  He’s followed by Isaac Watts at just over 795 hymns.  Fanny’s 8,000-9,000 hymns were in addition to nearly 1,000 secular poems and at least five cantatas on biblical and patriotic themes that she penned.  And all of this doesn’t even take into consideration her work as an American mission worker, teacher and public speaker.  Oh, did I mention she was blind.

She was so popular – akin to modern-day celebrity status – that during her time she used nearly 200 different pseudonyms (aliases).  In fact, one of the reasons she used these made up names was because publishers were hesitant to have so many hymns and poems by one person in their hymnals and books.  So that was her solution.  Not only did she write all these hymns and poems, but she also learned how to play the piano, the harp, the organ, and the guitar, and was a good soprano singer.  She memorized all four gospels, the first five books of the Old Testament (Pentateuch), the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Song of Solomon, and most of the Psalms.  Oh, did I mention that she was blind.

She was the first woman (ever) to speak before the U.S. Senate.  She appeared before both houses of Congress.  She testified before a special congressional subcommittee and performed in the music room at the White House.  She met Presidents John Quincy Adams and James K. Polk; writing and reading poems for each of them.  And she befriended future President, Grover Cleveland, when he was only 17 years old and she was a teacher at the New York Institute of the Blind.  Oh, did I mention that she was blind.

So here’s the story about Blessed Assurance.  One of Fanny’s dearest friends was Phoebe Palmer Knapp, who was married to Joseph Fairchild Knapp, co-founder of the MetLife Insurance Company.  The Knapps were having a pipe organ installed in their home during one of Fanny’s visits, but it hadn’t been completed yet.  So Phoebe took to the piano and played a new melody that she’d just composed.  She turned to her good friend and asked, “What do you think the tune says?”  And Fanny Crosby replied, “Blessed assurance; Jesus is mine.”  And thus was born the hymn that we sing today, Blessed Assurance.


What an Amazing person !  ..we went on to sing

Song: 455 ‘Blessed Assurance’

Tune: 577 ‘Blessed Assurance’

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 10:19-25. Which  was read by Irene Maycock

The next Song by the Songsters was : ‘Everywhere’.


Talk by  Tony

Tony spoke of his Father refusing to take out any insurance policies ( other than car insurance which you need to have legally) on the grounds that it was like paying for an accident to happen, but  Tony said most other people will have insurance policies . life insurance / contents insurance etc..and policies are easy to take out , but Tony reflected they are sometimes not so easy  to get money back. In this meeting Tony said , we are not looking at Insurance , but the nature of Assurance .

Insurance – Man Made        Assurance -God obtained

Insurance – Revoke-able     Assurance is undeniable

Insurance is Costly               Assurance is free

Insurance is Limited            Assurance is limitless


Fanny Crosby (whose song we sang earlier )  Knew this & understood the importance of a vital living faith in God – in spite of the circumstances you find yourself in .

Tony spoke of those that may think ” this isn’t for me , and think the mess they have made in their lives would cause God to turn away from them . However Jesus  said to his followers ” I have come to give you life in all it’s fullness” .

If our past is forgiven , we can have the blessed assurance of knowing we are held in his hands .

Our final two songs from the Songsters were

‘I’m in His hands’


‘There’s still power in the Blood’


Thank you to all who made worship possible today

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