Monday Spot 2nd March 2020


Our Sunday Morning meeting was led by Major Ian Payne

and was titled  ‘I’ll Fight’


The Band opened the meeting by playing a March called – Down the Street

Following the announcements by CSM Paul Scoulding , which included  a reminder for us to pray for our neighbours ( a reference to last Sundays meeting )

we were played a recording of   the Founder William Booths Speech , a recording  of it i have added below

Our first song of the morning was

Song              389         Rejoice Rejoice

Tune       807         Rejoice

Quickly followed by Song              363         Give thanks to the Lord

Tune       620         Forever

We are still in our time of Self denial , and this week we watched video number 4

Self Denial Film Week 4

The Singing Company gave us the song ” The Great Downpour ”


The Scripture Reading’s this morning were from Deuteronomy ch 1 :26-31 

and Exodus 14:14

Our next Song     was          345         To be in your presence

Tune       764         This is my desire                         (Piano)


The Songster  message this morning was ” That Sacred Place ”  by Rob Little / Andrew Mair .

The Song really  changed the mood in the Hall , and the congregation were visibly moved by the words

The Message          ‘I’ll Fight’  Major Ian F Payne

Major Ian spoke of being made to go to Boxing lessons as a young boy , after some bullying at school, and he told us he really did not like Boxing, and had one match  which was enough for him. On one occasion , when being bullied he punch a boy , and then was horrified by the outcome, a cut lip etc..

We however want to go to the sacred place. We know God fought for Joshua & Nehemiah , and God Promised to protect & Fight for us ( Exodus 14:14 ).

The Battle we find ourselves in is a constant one , as the Evil one does not want people to love each other . We must remember we are commanded to love our neighbour as ourselves.

The Issues referred to in William Booths speech  ”  I’ll Fight ” in 1912 referred to many issues of the day , All of which are still problems today , and Major Ian read out the comparable statistics from 1912 to the present day . We still have a fight on our hands


Major Ian quoted 2 Corinthians 10:4    and even in this age of the technical revolution where we have many means of contacting people & keeping in touch – People are still lonely, we can offer practical help ……..but need to make sure we offer the Lord


Our final two songs of the morning were

Song              999         Every Moment

Tune       329         Healing Christ


Song              990         We’re a band

Tune       455         We shall win



                                           Holiness Meeting 5pm

‘Be Holy for I am Holy’

Major Ian opened the meeting with a reading from Leviticus  9:1-3 

a Command from the Lord to Moses

Our first song of the morning was  Song          31      Holy Holy Holy

Tune 771    Nicea       (Band)


Our Scripture reading was    1 Peter 1:13-23

Our second  song of the meeting was


Song               87                   Jesus What a Beautiful Name
Tune               718                 “          “                 “                           (Piano)

Major Ian’s Prayer was that as we look at Holiness, may we re-kindle or hear afresh your peace & presence


The Band Message this evening was an arrangement of My Jesus I love thee- song 878, a beautiful piece of music

Song     635      When the Music Fades

Tune  858   Heart of Worship      (Band)   Was a our next song , and this was followed by a Testimony from Heather Scott


Heather told us of a week which included a TV documentary on the Holocaust , by David Baddiel , who explained he lost his faith as he could not understand where God was during the Holocaust, and Heather told us later in the week a friends Daughter committed suicide, and nobody could make sense of this and where asking “where was God”

Heather remembered an example of a colleagues Hindu Husband who also had lost his faith , due to the abject poverty he could see in India, and he set up a fund for an Orphanage to look after the children . Heather saw this as proof of the presence of God , Where God was working through the Husband , proving that God cares

Heather explained that she does not have all the answers , but turned to the Bible and found Psalm 14 to have been previously marked by Tim ..

The Songsters message for the evening was “ Down Where The waters Flow “


Message                                ‘Be Holy for I am Holy’  Major Ian

Major Ian Spoke of Holiness as , God in the everyday stuff of life..not focusing on a Religious or text book Christian life, but aiming for it to be a natural thing you do. How you speak and engage with people is key to this

Major Ian Quoted  Commissioner Samuel Brengle , who said he feels under a solemn obligation to tell people that Jesus is alive ,and that Holiness is not about perfection


Major Ian closed by saying  that Jesus wants us to be Sanctified& live a life of Holiness, but Holiness is not Maturity – It’s purity.

Do we want to live a spotless life ?

our final two songs of the day were

Song               704                 Give me a Holy Life

Tune               171                 Marshall                (Piano )


Song               578                 Christ of Glory

Tune               275                 Christ in me                                      (Band)

Thank you to all who made worship possible today .


please not this forthcoming event on Saturday




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