Monday Spot 6th January 2020


The theme for the morning meeting  was  introduced

What are you hoping for in 2020

Where does God feature in it?

Major Ian quoted his chosen scripture for this morning

Psalm 119:1 You’re only truly happy when you walk in total integrity, walking in the light of God’s word.

Major Ian presented to us a Promise Box he had made, which contained  chosen verses from Psalm 119  , we were all asked to take a verse during the singing of the first song of the morning –

Song          804            How firm a foundation

Tune          506             My Jesus I love thee


The Promise Box .








Major Peter Clack with his verse

We moved on to our next song , one that many remembered from childhood

Song          807             Jesus loves me this

Tune          267             Yes Jesus Loves me           and it was great to see Carole Horwood playing the Piano for us this morning

We watched a short video which explained the layout of all the Psalms, a high level overview if you like .

I have put a copy of the link below.

Video                           Psalms


The Bible reading this morning  was many of the congregation reading out  the verses of   Psalm 119  , they had picked out of the Promise Box earlier .

our 3rd song of the morning was  Song          565             All I once Held dear

Tune          725             Knowing You

following the Collection & Prayer by Andy Smith  we watched & listened to a  Video   of the Song Bow the Knee , Sung by the ISS .

Message                       The Way Ahead

Major Ian said , in reference to the words of the Song that our relationship with God needs to get deeper & stronger each year, so rather than a New Year Resolution, perhaps we could set ourselves an Intention to improve our spiritual life in 2020


The Psalms often articulate what we need to say , so they can be a good place to start, and Psalm 119 has often been a source of comfort to Christian  throughout history. Major Ian made the analogy of his Marriage , he & Judith are  still getting to know each other , despite many years of Marriage, and the same should be true of our spiritual life, the more we learn about God  , the closer our relationship gets .

The meeting was brought to a close with a Video presentation of                                  “Everywhere ” – Words by John Gowans

and the final song of the morning was

Song          389             Rejoice rejoice

Tune          807             “                  “



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