Monday Spot 23rd December 2019

There was a real buzz around the hall as people gathered for the KAOS carol service, with many wearing festive jumpers – and Major Ian sporting a Christmas waistcoat.The Band opened the meeting with several Christmas tunes, including ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ and ‘When a Child is Born’, before everyone was warmly welcomed by Tracy Wood.


One of our young people, Kamie, read beautifully as he gave the first Bible reading:  Luke 1 v 26-38   and then the band played as we sang our first carol, ‘Joy to the World’.

A time of Christmas prayer followed, led by Benji, Sam and Steve .

The singing company brought two items:

‘All Around the World’ and ‘Christmas Never Comes’, the second of which was sung beautifully with no accompaniment. This was followed by a humorous poem ‘A Reindeer for Christmas’ read by Jason

The junior (YP) band played two items: ‘Good King Wenceslas’ and ‘O Come all ye Faithful’,




interspersed by a reading of ‘We’re going to find a Baby’ by Sharon Smith accompanied by members of the primary dressed as angels and a star .

As the offering was collected, there was a lovely rendition of  ‘White Christmas’ played by Emma on the piano before Fiona prayed. Then we all sang “While Shepherds Watched’ to the tune of Cranbrook (On Ilkley Moor) played by the senior band.


After this, several mums from the mainly music parent and toddler group held at the hall were interviewed by Sue Willard (group leader) about their families’ Christmas celebrations and what Christmas means to them.


The second Bible reading: Matthew 2 v 1-11 was brought to us by the Harrod family and this was followed by the singing of ‘Away in a Manger’ by members of the Asempa family




accompanied by handbells

and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ played on boom whackers by a group from the New Road after – school club.

The Singing Company then sang ‘Something Special’ before Tracy gave us a short Christmas message, based on a magical bag. Showing the bag, all decorated in Christmas colours of red, green and gold, she said that we all like to receive gifts but sometimes it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas – and God’s gift to us – when we’re all wrapped up in shopping and thinking about food. Tracy reminded us that Jesus was – and is – God’s present to a needy world. She then went on to recap the life of Jesus through the differing colours of the bag, which changed each time she turned it inside out. Green represented growth; Jesus grew in wisdom, strength and favour with God. Red reminded us that the adult Jesus taught and did miracles before being crucified. He gave his blood for all our sins. Gold represented the preciousness of God’s gift and reminds us that Jesus went to heaven to prepare a place for us. From within the bag, Tracy took a small wooden figure of the Christ-child, his arms open as if he’s giving us a hug. She reminded us that the story of Jesus is both a sad and happy story. Jesus was God’s gift to us and we pray that those in need will find Jesus for themselves.


Following Tracy’s message, the senior band played a medley of Christmas songs then led the congregation in the carol ‘Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells’. Next, there was a Powerpoint presentation, introduced by Rob Christie, showing all the activities of the Baden Powell sections which meet at the hall each week, then Kelsey (a member of the Singing Company) read ‘A Christmas Letter from Jesus’.


Our final carol, led by the band, was ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’. But the meeting was not over yet… To the music of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, members of the leadership team, dressed as elderly persons complete with zimmer frames , ‘rocked’ around the platform, providing an amusing closing item, before Major Ian dismissed us all with a blessing.


It was an uplifting meeting, with contributions from many of our young people, reminding us again of all the different young people’s activities which occur weekly in our hall.

Thanks to Sue Willard for this report

& Peter Willard & Major Estelle Clack for the photographs


Our evening meeting was a Carols by Candlelight

Following the announcements by Tim Scott ( having a battle of the Waistcoats with Major Ian ), who reminded us that next Sunday their would only be a morning meeting.

Major Ian read

Luke 2:15

and we had our first Carol of the Evening

SASB  114                 Light of the World
Tune  653                 Here I am to Worship

At This time the Candles were all lit and we heard  Scripture from    Genesis 1:  & Isaiah 9:2, 6-7:

 We had our next Carol

SACB  11                   Away in a Manger

Which was followed by the Songsters , who sang ” Share The Peace ”



Reading 1:                           Luke 2: 2-7 was by Joe Scott

following this we had our next Carol

SACB              65                   O little Town of Bethlehem

and then we had a short Drama  about    Joseph’s Prayer, which looked at what Joseph might have said to God as he was outside the stable , awaiting the birth of Jesus . It was a very thought provoking piece with Tim Scott playing the part of Joseph . We all have similar questions of God  , to those that Joseph had . We Question Gods Plan for us .. but we need to do what Joseph did and obey

We watched a music video  “Joseph’s Song ” by Michael Card

The Band Message was ” Still Still Still , a German Carol

we then sang

SACB              46                   It came upon a midnight clear       (Willis)

and had the next Bible reading from Tony McClure

Reading 2                             Luke 2:8-18

our next Carol was

SACB              105                 While Shepherds Watched

Tune   SACB  83                  Sweet Chiming bells

Reading 3                             Matthew 2:1-12

this was read by Lisa Davis followed by

SACB              102                 When Wise men came seeking


Reading 4                             What Child is this? (by General John Gowans ) was read by Major Judith Payne


followed by the singing of our Final Carol  

SACB              49                   Joy to the world the Lord is Come

Major Ian Pronounced the Benediction , and we were all invited to stay for refreshments and fellowship  .It was a lovely evening and a chance to chat and catch up , in what is always a busy time.

Thank you to all who made worship possible today

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