Monday Spot 16th December 2019

Our Sunday Morning Meeting was a  Holiness Meeting

Jesus is Given – A Meditation by Major Judith Payne


Bible Reading:        Luke 2.1-7


Opening led by   Roy & Katelyn Smith where the 3rd Advent candle was lit  & Roy led us in Prayer






SASB 123                             See him lying on a bed of straw

Tune 581                              Calypso Carol

       Introduction to Meditation

Major Judith introduced her topic , in a week when we have seen many changes , locally and around the world. We were asked if we realised that not one conversation will have taken place  that God has not been part of .

Immanuel – God is with us  , and Major Judith laid out her message in 4 sections

Jesus was given to us but what did that mean for God, For Jesus, For the Human Race & For Us

Immanuel:                            Michael Card


Jesus was Given – What did that mean for the Father?

Major Judith reflected that God gave his Son to people who would betray & Kill him, because he loved us so much


Thorns in the Straw:         Graham Kendrick

Jesus was Given – What did that mean for the Son?

Quoting from Philippians 2 :6-11  

Jesus would be Obedient to Death on the cross , just to be able to spend eternity with us


We heard a piano piece from Tristen Lancley Who is He     and Tristen is the Corp Pianist at Bromley

 Song 100                              Angels from the realms of glory

Tune 398                             Come and worship  

Jesus was Given – What did that mean for the human race?

We had just sang the last line  of the song      ” justice now revokes the sentence,mercy calls you; Break your chains.”  & Major Judith Explained this is what it means for the Human Race – we have a safe place to be in Gods Hands

We heard a track called  All is Well:         by  Point of Grace


Jesus is Given – What does that mean for us?

All is well Jesus is Given  the song said , are we to be trusted with the Gift of God this Christmas ?

God is the gift to be given and we were challenged to ask ourselves if we are doing just that .  Give the Gift  Major Judith said , as this country has been turning away from religion for a long time now

Breath of Heaven               Amy Grant

We closed the morning meeting with  Song 107                              Hark the glad sound

Tune 87                                 Joy to the world                   


This Weekend saw our two Community Carol services  take place , both were very well attended and were great fun , I will post a separate report as I still have photographs being sent to me

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