Monday Spot 4th November 2019

Our Meetings this Sunday , celebrating our 146th Anniversary ,  were led by Major Marian Parker from Worthing Corps.

Major Marian , paying her first official visit to the Corps, although she has links with some members going back to Youth Band day’s, introduced her first song of the morning

Song:             253                 For all the saints

Tune:             461                 Sine Nomine                                          Supported by the  Band

This song was chosen to remember all saints day and acknowledge that we are All Saints . Major Marian brought greetings to us from Worthing , in particular our own Ken Lloyd who recently transferred to Worthing , and now lives at Amelia Court ( Where he has already arranged for Worthing Band to play a Christmas Concert – Well done Ken ). Our second song of the morning was

Song:             220                 Great is the darkness      
Tune:             595                 Come, Lord Jesus

Supported by Carolynn  on the  piano

The Song recognises Oppression & Injustice ( which we still see around us ) , but the response is in the song “Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus Pour out Your spirit we pray” and the song was sung with that thought in mind

Major Marian called upon some of the YP  members to help her illustrate her theme of the morning , and they were quizzed over how they felt about darkness , various answers were given , however Kami provided the best response saying  ” I don’t fear darkness as it is just an absence of light ” – which I thought was a great answer . The Children  were asked to read the Bible Passage from John 8:12  -“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”





The three YP  members Kami , Katelynn & Isabella  were then invited to light a Representative Candle on the display .


The Singing Company sang ” Building Up ”

Following the Offering & the Scripture reading    John 8:12-20 

we heard from the Songsters who sang “Grace Alone” Which was followed by our next congregational song

Song:             327                 Thou whose almighty word
Tune:             198                 Moscow                                                                    piano

Light in a dark world was Major Marians theme , and the Major told us that she particularly likes this time of year, with all it’s different events  from  The big collection -Harvest- All Saints day -Advent & Christmas , a very busy time of year , and Major Marion suggested it may be to keep our minds off the darkness?

Major Marion made reference to the pumpkin ( which formed part of the candle display )  , saying that their is nothing intrinsically wrong with a pumpkin and the Halloween connection should not be given too much weight . We should allow our youngsters to ask their questions about darkness as it is a good opportunity to talk about Jesus.

Major Marian told us that Jesus is the light of the world , and this is not just a title but a reality so we can bring Christ light into the darkness .

The Singing company sang   ” Building up ”  earlier , an old Chorus , and Major Marian had the next song in mind , also an old song

Song:             870                 Jesus bids us shine
Tune:             707                 Jesus bids us shine                                                 piano

our final song of the morning was

Song:             241                 And can it be?                    
Tune              445                 Sagina                                                                        band

and Major Marian pronounced the Benediction:



On the Sofa with Major Marian Parker

Our afternoon meeting was another in the occasional ” On the sofa ” meetings ,where Major Ian has a conversation with our guest.

Major Marian had made some song choices and these were interspersed with some questions which allowed us to get to know Major Marian a little better

First song choice was

Song           94                There is a name

Tune           119              The Saviours Name

This was chosen as it was recently heard at Officers Councils, and was a Song that apparently galvanised the meeting , and it was a song that Major Marian remembers from her childhood at Skegness , where her Parents were Officers .

Sofa 1                   Early Life Birth – family – Life

Marian was born in Abergavenny , and moved from there to Cardiff to Brixham  and then Skegness . Marians Parents left Officership and the family ( which includes two Brothers and a Sister )  moved to Sutton. At this time Marian started school. Life centred around Army meetings  including going to evening meetings that children were not necessarily expected at .

Chatham Songsters sang the song  ” Look Up ”

Within her family Marian has professional musicians on both sides and Marian learnt the Piano at very early age and fell into music professionally, which was not expected . Marians dream job would have been 2nd Alto in the Swingle Singers and Marian shared the next clip with us  – Swingle Singers – Bach prelude in F minor

Sofa 2                   Education – work – SA

Marian completed her education , but didn’t go straight into Officership , she spent a few years in the Civil service  and then went back to Music college and completed her Post graduation teaching in Birmingham. Teaching was something Marian found she enjoyed and at the same time she explored singing professionally, all this time Marian attended the Army, and it was at a Music Scholl that she had her call to Officership .

Chatham Band played a new piece  ” I love to Sing ” , which is set thee words to song 845

Sofa 3                   Calling

Major Marian had thought that maybe teaching was her calling , but following the time at Music School she realised teaching wasn’t enough. Marian entered the Training College where she enjoyed the study aspect , but didn’t really enjoy being observed all the time

The next link Marian shared was something that is fun , and is how Marian feels Music should be and the clip shows   how we all have music within us  to a degree, the Audience in the clip are all scientists .

– ‘Bobby Mcferrin – The power of the pentatonic scale

Major Marian can’t think of anyone she has met that didn’t respond to music in some way . Marians next song choice was

Song:          1        A mighty fortress’

Tune:          605


Sofa 4                   Faith

Major Marion was asked where she was in her Faith & she told us that she was taught to know the love of Jesus as a small child, and nothing  she has learnt since has given her any doubts, even during a period out of Officership Marian’s Faith never wavered

Marians next song choice was by the  – London Horn Sound –  a track called Queen of Sheba  ( could not find a copy of this ) chosen as the recording was played on French Horns


Sofa 5                   Favourite reading was Esther

What do you want to be remembered for ?  someone who tried


Song:          39      Joyful Joyful
Tune           367   Europe


Major Marian  gave the Benediction  1 Thessalonians 5:24


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