Monday Spot 14th October 2019

Our meeting this morning was led by Paul Scoulding


After a reading from Philippeans 4  v4-8 Paul told us his Message this morning was about our Journey with Christ , how it is not always straightforward and that the Lord leads us into many different places , including the wilderness .

Our first song of the morning was (Song 27) –  “Guide me O thou Great Jehovah ”  and we were led straight into our next song – (Song 700) ” For this I have Jesus ” , this song has wonderful words and was very prayerfully sung.

Our Singing company brought us the song  ” Lord I give to you the highest praise ”

We heard a Bible Reading Luke 4:v 1-13

Referring  to the Bible reading, Paul told us that he had recently seen two documentaries , one about the harsh conditions of the Desert, extreme temperature changes & Sandstorms etc . The other programme was about the Long Range desert group, an elite fighting force in WW2 , that travelled and navigated in Desert wastelands of North Africa, where normal map navigation is insufficient due to shifting Sand Dunes . The combination of these two programmes gave Paul a sense of what it must have been like wandering in a Wilderness.

In Life our circumstances can change very suddenly, and we can quickly find ourselves in place we do not wish to be ,it can be like  a Spiritual  wilderness to us . In Times like these we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus to navigate our way out  . Paul told us that Wendy and himself feel like they have been through four years of trial , and are coming out the other side feeling closer to God now . If God led Jesus into the Wilderness to test him , why should we not be tested .It is good to know that no Wilderness exist that God has not already been to.

The Songsters Message this morning was ” God & God alone ”

Paul told us that as the world is full of temptation and distraction , so we might not be listening to the Lord very well , but if you are in a spiritual wilderness it is just You & God , and the Bible passage earlier is a great illustration  of how to deal with being in a wilderness- when tempted Jesus replied with Scripture. We need to Trust in God & Step out in Faith. Paul read Philippians 4:4-7 and the meeting was closed with the singing of song 613 ” O Jesus I have promised ” and a rousing finish with the singing of  song 522        ” Standing on the promises of God ”

Thank you to all who made worship possible today

Coming Events

October 12th – 19th

Majors Ian and Judith will be on furlough visiting family in Jersey – Any questions or concerns please do contact the CSM Tim.

Sunday 20th October

Our Morning worship will be led by Territorial Envoy Tony McClure as Major Ian will be at Westminster Abbey for an Annual Service that he is involved in.

There will be no 5pm Meeting on this Sunday.

Sunday 27th October

Our 5pm meeting will be a Guest service with Billie Jo O’Leary from ‘Home For Good’ a Christian Charity that looks for homes for children to be adopted. Billie is a local lady with a remarkable story.

Sunday 3rd November

The 146th Anniversary of Chatham Citadel Corps will be led by Major Marian Parker (Worthing Citadel) at 10 am and at 5pm with an ‘On the Sofa’ with Major Marian.

Sunday 17th November

Mike Dare from the Church Army will be leading our morning worship. Mike is one of the team of church leaders in Chatham Town Centre focusing on youth.

Saturday 2nd November

Bacon Butty and Natter morning in aid of the homeless Dinner Life Project on Tuesday nights.

Christmas Day Volunteering

If you (friends or neighbours) wish to volunteer for the Christmas Day programme of activities please see Major Ian or contact Grace, who is

co-ordinating the day on 07870 636451


Community Christmas Celebration

– a time to invite friends, family, neighbours. Let’s fill the hall and enjoy this event

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