Monday Spot 9th September 2019


Our morning meeting was led by Major Judith Payne






and it was a Holiness meeting


Following the announcements by CSM Tim Scott  Major Judith read the Bible verse

1 John 3.1:    Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvellous love that he has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very own beloved children.

Our first song of the morning was

Song         32:        How deep the Father’s love for us

Tune         663:        How deep the Father’s love for us

We were asked to pray for those we loved

We then heard from  our Singing Company ,   who sang “With all I am “

Major Judith Introduced the Mornings  theme, by asking us How do you know when somebody loves  you ? . Some of the Singing company sitting on the platform provided some ideas,  Someone cares for you & keeps you healthy, or they give you nice things and make sure you go to school.

Major Judith told us  of a gift she had kept , it was a Rose that had been kept safe in an old Perfume box for over 40 years, a gift from Major Ian  , which another way  you know somebody loves you .

Our next song was

Song         29:        Have you ever stopped to think

Tune             558:        As high as the sky

Following the Offering we heard from the Songsters  , who sang ” there’s Still Power In The Blood”

   Major Judith told us that currently in Bible Study class they are looking at the book of Moses , and the number of rules  that begin with “Don’t”  ( 365)   and the myriad of other rules that are mentioned , Major Judith then   quoted from  Matthew 22:37-40

we were asked how do we  live differently, as people who know God loves us, be this at home or work or school ..and how would friends and colleagues know that God loves them …?

We sang

Song         169:        Here is love vast as the ocean

Tune         369:         Here is love








Major Judith Continued her theme of how we Love more than those who don’t know God , acknowledging the fact that it is not easy. Major Judith illustrated  her point with her own feelings and experiences .When  giving food & drink  to someone homeless that the Major would  see on the street regularly , she challenged herself ” is that showing enough love ”  Probably not was her conclusion .We also heard a story from within her family , where a colleague had seen the Majors Son sitting with the homeless in a subway each morning , and spending time with them, showing a different kind of Love .

Major Judith read from    1 Corinthians 13  v4 onward

Read it through ..then read it through & then read it through again , replacing ” Love ”  With your own name …  I found it  quite humbling .

Major Judith Concluded that the only thing we can do is allow God to change us from the inside 7 give us a loving nature, make it part of our character.  Don’t accept the often heard expression  ” I just can’t Love so &  So”  , we should not give in but strive even harder. .


Take time this week to ask yourself the questions , am I willing to allow God to change me . Have I stopped growing in Faith ? . We can only improve through Gods grace

We sang the following song

Song         199:        Such love, pure as the whitest snow

Tune         845:        Such love

with particular focus on verse 3

Such love, springs from eternity
Such love, streaming through history
Such love, fountain of life to me
O Jesus, such love


and we concluded the morning meeting with

Song         30:        He giveth more grace

Tune         527:         Blacklands


The Benediction  included  a great phrase –  Help us to know we are precious beyond words to you



Our Afternoon meeting was led by Major Ian






 ‘What Did you do this Summer’

The meeting began with the singing of

Song        401        We Want to see Jesus Lift High
Tune        916                   


accompanied by the YP band

Which was followed by the Singing Company who sang  ” Don’t you know it’s time to Praise the Lord” , beautifully sung as usual


What you Did this Summer was the Majors question to the younger Corps members , and we are blessed with so many active youngsters, who have taken part in may Divisional & territorial events this Summer








I believe Elsa Burdett  can claim to have attended most things this summer . She worked on Staff @ Kids Club, went to Summer School & travelled with our Scouts to Scoutmob in France .

Song        357        Come on and Celebrate
Tune        583               

More of our youngsters were asked to speak about their Summer , with contributions from Elsa, Louise ,Isabella , Rebecca ,Becky & Katelyn . Laura , Erin , Emma , Martin & Josh . who all went to one or more Summer event. Fiona Pennington went to a National Citizen service course which was held over two venues in Dorset & Milton Keynes .Tony McClure was the only attendee of the Summer College , which is  held at the training college


The YP Band played for us next ..the tune was. “I am so Glad “. If you can view this on Facebook i will post a video there













Major Ian read from Scripture            Matthew 25:34-4

Following this we sang the Prayer Song Wonderful lord , which is a favourite tune at Summer School

Our final song was

Final Song    959        I’ll go in the strength
Tune        433        In the Strength







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