Monday Spot 12th August 2019

Our meeting this Sunday Morning was led by Major Judith Payne

This was the  second meeting where Major Judith is focussing on the Shore/Beach where it has played a part in teaching Gods people  valuable lessons . This morning Major Judith focused on the beach on the sea of Galilee and Marks gospel  and quoting Ephesians 2.10:         For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Mark 1.17: was looked at because when Simon & Andrew  followed Jesus he was going to be making them more than they knew . In much the same way as we are now being made more than we are now, if we follow the Lord , as we are part of Gods Plan .

Our first song of the morning  was

Song 51:                        O thou God of full Salvation

Tune 360:                     Bethany


Major Judith then spoke of how the practice of expressing gratitude is an important part of life  & spiritual discipline. Major Judith backed this up with seven proven benefits of expressing gratitude can open doors to great relationships

2. it improves physical health

3. their is a physiological health benefit

4. it enhances empathy & reduces aggression

5. you sleep better improves self esteem

7. it improves mental health

“Major Judith did say she has all the studies and research behind those claims, and if you want to know more get in touch”

Time for gratitude

This was followed by a time where  we thought about someone we were grateful to have in our lives , everyone was given a Postcard ( as we were focusing on the Beach after all ) and we were encouraged to write expressing our gratitude. whilst writing we listened to the song

“Speechless” by Sandi Patti

The congregations next song was

Prayer:                          Song 377:         Lord, how I love you(Piano )              Tune 739:        Lord, how I love you

and this was followed by the Singing Company who gave us the song Zephaniah 3:17

We returned to Marks Gospel , with Major Judith explaining this was the first & shortest of the Gospels, and it started at the work of John the Baptist, who as it says in verse  “The whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem went out to him. Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River..”

so he attracted people to him . Major Judith put forward the thought that if we don’t show the character of Christ in our lives, and show that we are welcoming and that we wish to extend love , then people are not attracted to come to Church. If we have the Spirit of God in us , we should be different and therefore attract people to us, we are after all  Gods workmanship and are still in the process of becoming what he wants us to be.. ” don’t ask me who I am , but who I am becoming” was a phrase the Major quoted .

Next the congregation sang

Song 695:       Will you come and follow me?

Tune 239:                     Kelvingrove   

which was followed by The Songsters singing

” Keep The Flame Alive”

Message from the Word

Major Judith continued her message , explaining that Simon was an outspoken man . he was married ( because scripture tells us he had a Mother in Law, whose house was used as a meeting place ) However we don’t know much else about his family or what he did by way of provision for them when he left and followed  Jesus. He went on to become “Peter the Rock upon which the Church was built  ” , but first he had to be changed by Jesus.

Simon had to follow , listen , change and learn from Jesus. Would you be willing to do the same & do you have a vision for what God could do in your life.

Peters last letter that is in the scriptures contain in  2 peter 1   the phrase ” Make every effort”

If Asked would you follow like Peter did ?

our final song of the morning was

 Song 355:                      Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviour

Tune 867:                     The Potter’s Hand

(Piano )




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