Monday Spot 22nd July 2019

Theme for the morning meeting

“Put on the Full Armour of God” Ephesians 6:11

Congregation made paper planes and flew them forward to the Mercy Seat – representing the Flaming Arrows of the Devil.

Opening Song 949/809 “ Come Join Our Army To Battle We Go”
Isaiah 42: 13 “The Lord will go forth like a warrior…He will prevail against His enemies”

Band accompanied the singing

Major Ian Payne introduced the theme “ Put On the Whole Armour of God to ward off the fiery darts of the Devil and sin in the world.”


Tim Scott gave his testimony

starting with a joke and then quoting Psalm 100
“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.”  He was challenged by the fiery darts (against any religious input) thrown when the band played at the band stand at Hastings and on the march.

A paper dart hit the rostrum! Congregation sang chorus “Lord I come to you” and several people prayed.
Erin sang the opening verse of the Singing Company Song.

(Father Creator “Thank You For Creating me”)under the leadership of Singing Company Leader Kate Boughton.
“Not one flaming dart could get through while the children sang!” Major Ian commented.

Band Leader Ryan Cripps was given a certificate of appreciation for his seven years as leader of the young peoples band – by Major Ian

Song 948/431 “Be Strong In the Grace Of The Lord”
Songster Leader Carolynn Woodman conducted the Chatham Songsters Singing a new song entitled “March On”.

It was a moving challenge and reminder that we are an Army Marching as to War…..against the SIN in the world.

Corps Secretary Andrew Pennington prayed thoughtfully of the offering reminding us that 50 years ago Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.  He prayed “May we have a new view of the world and may individuals make giant steps for mankind”.

Message: Major Ian Payne
1. Put on the whole Armour of God so you can take a stand against evil.
2. Our struggles are against this dark world, and evil.
3. The Armour is a lesson on qualities each soldier needs
4. The Armour strengthens and protects us so that you will be able to stand firm.
5. Belt of truth buckled around your waist.
6.Breastplate of righteousness to protect you. (Beware of your back open to attack)
7. With fitting shoes ready for peace.
8. Shield of Faith which will put out the Fiery Darts hurled towards you!
9. Helmet of salvation protecting your mind
10.Sword of the Spirit which is the Word Of God!!!!!
11. Lastly always “keep on praying for the Lord’s people”verse 18.

It is crucial that we pray for believers to be protected, strengthened, preserved and successful through the Holy Spirit. Remember Notre Dame Cathedral started burning with just a spark !

Closing song 760/330 “I am praying Blessed Saviour”.

Benediction “O Still Small Voice Of Calm” last line of Song 456 verse 5.

My grateful thanks to Major Estelle Clack for reporting on the morning meeting .

During the Afternoon The Corps BBQ was held at the Quarters


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