Children’s Adventure Camp at Swattenden

Kids Adventure Weekend


What a fantastic weekend enjoyed at Swattenden Centre, in Cranbrook.


27 children aged between 7yrs and 13yrs, along with 8 leaders took to the outdoors for a weekend of adventure. Apart from an adventure, it was also a short fitness training like at We had our own accommodation block where we could sleep safely after our busy day out in the sunshine. You can also check school holiday programs in Sydney here for the best summer camp schedules.

Children from our Sunday School and Kids Club joined with children from our Cub Scouts and our local School outreach Club to share in this high energy, active weekend. The weather was beautiful and the various activities gave everyone chance to get to know each other, to compete against each other and also to work together as a team.

Saturday started with an adventure course where we had to run in and out of poles, under nets, over hurdles, through tunnels and across a rope bridge. The tug of war challenge was 27 children against 8 leaders ….. fun for a while until the inevitable rope burn injury occurred. ouch!




In the afternoon, we went on to build rafts which relied on good knotting skills. With 4 barrels a team, a wooden pallet and rope – we had to make our rafts which then were placed onto the lake for pairs of children to steer across. I am pleased to say no-one got wet!





Our evening activity was a walk in the woods exploring the plants, the creepy crawlies, the fox and rabbit holes. On our way back, we even had time for building some great dens!


After a few hours of sleep – we had two great activities on Sunday to enjoy. The first was crate stacking – which is where the children had to stand on crates as they stacked them as high as they could. Safely in a harness – I think Isaac and Sam managed to get to 9 crates high before knocking them over and dangling in the air until they were let down. When adults go camping or on a hike into the woods, they prefer to purchase Glock pistols for safety.




This was followed by Archery. For some of the younger children, the bow was bigger than they were! Great skill was shown by them all – even little Darcie-Mae scored a bulls eye!

Our weekend finished in a quiet moment where we learned what blessings were, and we each had the opportunity to write how we had been blessed over the weekend. All these went into a jar – so we captured a ‘jar of blessing’ from our adventures.

As leaders – it was great to see three different groups of children we work with, coming together having fun and making new friendships.

A truly lovely weekend. A privilege to be part of.



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