Monday Spot 24th June 2019

Our meeting this Sunday was the Junior Soldiers Day of Renewal, and was led by the Junior Soldiers & YP  sections. The theme of the morning was being Young & Brave.

Following some introductory music from the YP Band , the Junior Soldiers sang ” I am a Christian”

The next item on the agenda was called LEGO Masters , where two teams were selected. Ronnie & David Harrod  against Sam & Chris Boughton

They were challenged to build models to depict being Young & Brave, and they had 20 minutes.

Grace introduced the first congregational song of the morning,” Lord I Lift up your Name”

Isabella & Darceymae then led us in prayer

With trainee CSM Kamie bringing us the announcements

The congregation sang Gentle Jesus Meek & Mild, and this led into the Dedication of Jackson, Son of Shannon .Who was supported by Friends and Family


introduced the Trio of singers , Isabella, Chantelle & Grace, singing “When its a Sunny Day”

and then we caught up with the two teams in the LEGO Masters Challenge

Sam & Chris Built a Model of Jesus, carrying the Cross, and being Brave for us ( at a youngish 33)




Ronnie & David built a Fire station , to represent the Young Brave Firefighters.

Chantelle introduced the Singing Company with two Songs , “Come Join Our Army”

and “He Sought Me ” , both Songs supported by Emma Davis on the Piano .

Junior Soldier awards were presented to Katelyn, Sam & Isaac

With Katelyn & Sam completing the Silver award , and now moving on to work for the Gold award. Isaac Completed his Platinum award and therefore his time as a Junior Soldier. Well done all three of you .

Katelyn read the Bible verse Isaiah 41 :10

Pelo introduced the YP Band ,and announced the collection, The Band played ” My Redeemer Lives”





We were then treated to a performance  by Isaac & the Parables, Singing ” I’m a Believer” ( same tune as the Monkees if your old enough to remember that)

We had the great privilege during this meeting, of seeing TEN New Junior Soldiers being enrolled

Sam Wood gave a shortened message ( their had been a lot to fit in this morning) and she spoke on the Ten Commandments and about how important it is to  keep promises to God.


introduced our final song of the morning, “I’ll go in the strength of the Lord ”

Chatham Corps Ten Newest Junior Soldiers

We didn’t have an afternoon meeting today , as everyone was invited to a Churches Together Picnic & Prayer Fellowship  in Victoria Gardens .  I have a couple of Photographs from the event


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