Monday Spot 17th June 2019

Our Meetings today were led by Major Ian, and on this Father’s Day 

the Morning meeting was entitled ‘Come to me…your Father’  

Come to me, all you who are weary

and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

The Band  played lovely piece of introductory music  ‘ Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven’ and  this was followed by the Notices from CSM Tim Scott, which included information about the Picnic , Prayer & Praise event @ 13:30, in Victoria Gardens , New Road Next Sunday ( No afternoon Meeting at Chatham that week).

Major Ian told us he was going to be speaking about the Fathers Love, and to start this off he began by asking some of the Young People in the congregation to say one word that would describe their Father ( It was Fathers Day after all) , and my favourites of the answers given were , Joel Cripps describing his Father as a Fast car , and Fiona Pennington describing her Father as Interesting . Major Ian asked us to consider ‘What Legacy a Father Leaves’ , and we saw a short Video presentation which showed that we need to Love God the Father, & Love our Children. We need to Follow God the Father & Lead our Children .

Our first song of the morning was Song      936        Wanted, hearts baptised with fire ( John Lawley) to the tune   361        Blaenwern . supported by the Band

Major Ian told us after we had sung it that the Writer , John Lawley , had been on some of the tours around the Country with the Founder , General William Booth , and was often just asked to sing one of his songs in the meeting , “Sing Lawley” he would say . Our second song of the morning was Song      582        Father we love you, to Tune       609   accompanied by the Piano   , and from the congregation their followed more than half a dozen prayers

Our Singing Company sang  ‘ Rejoice’ and it was great hearing their enthusiasm .

Major Ian read 1 John 3  v1-3  and the congregation sang Song  565             All I once held dear to Tune 725  accompanied by the Piano

The Songsters , conducted by Emma Davis ,  gave us the song ‘Gift Of Grace’ by Howard Davies/John Martin.

Major Ian’s Message    ‘Come to me…..Your Father’ began with a short video , looking at Fathers

Major Ian shared with us that he didn’t have a Father in his life until he was 6 years old, so some experiences were missing early on, but as a Father himself he has found that if he follows God and the Father’s example of Love , pretty much everything else falls into place .

We were asked to think of what hinders us from understanding the Fathers Love, and taking Matt 19 v21, as an example

21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”..

So that was what hindered one person, but if any of us have something that holds us back, we need to deal with it, so we can follow God more purposefully and not just attend Church events. Major Ian asked us to think about our relationships/marriages/prayer life  and to consider what things in our lives pull us away from God & what things in our lives encourage us forward on our walk with God . On a recent trip with Family , Major Ian was a little concerned when his Grandchild walked ahead a little of the family, but was advised that they would not go very far and would always keep the Parents in sight..   Do we have Jesus in sight or do we need to walk a little closer ?

The congregation sang Song      518        Reign in me to Tune   806    and with many people coming to the mercy seat we moved straight on to Song 53        Be Still in The Presence of the Lord, and sang it over those Praying

The meeting closed  with the singing of Song      365        He is the Lord and he reigns on High


Our  5pm meeting was entitled  Dad’s Praise

All the songs had been selected by Dads in the Congregation

Those that made the choices were asked to name a Father figure in their life , that they feel was a great influence on them

Our first song was chosen by Barry Robinson, – Jesus with What Gladness                                                                                              I Can Truly Sing

Barry named David French , who had been his YP Band Leader


Song 2  came from Ray Maycock –  Holy Holy Holy

Ray Named Cyril Barnes who Ray first knew as YP Leader at Ilford Corp, and years later Cyril ( who retired as a Salvation Army Lieutenant Colonel ) who had kept track of Ray through his military career, came to see a Military Band Event just prior to Ray’s Retirement .

Song 3 was chosen by Ryan Cripps – The well is Deep .

Ryan named his Father & Grandfather as influential figures ( Ryan’s Father had been his YP Band leader) , and  this is a position Ryan himself holds in our Corps.

We then had the inaugural performance of the impromptu Dads choir . Any of the Dads could take part, and I think we all did.

The Song we sang was ‘How Great Though Art’ and it was chosen by Roland ( He is standing behind the lectern in the photo  ). It was a song he used to sing as a duet with his Father

Thank You Sharon Smith for the Picture

The Band came next with a version of the Joy Webb song ‘Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet’ which had been arranged for Brass Bands by our own Ray Steadman Allen , It was fantastic.

Our next song was chosen by Andy Smith – I Dare to be Different

Andy Named John Cole , who had been Andy’s Corp Cadet Guardian at Bristol Corp

We had a short music video – I Knows My Name

Our Final song was chosen by Steve Burdett – I’ll Go In the Strength of the Lord

Steve named two people , Cyril Adams  who was his  YPSM  and Mike Woodhouse  who was his assistant YPSM &  also his Scout Leader


Major Peter Clack Delivered the Benediction

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.

— St. Teresa of Avila

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