Monday Spot 3rd June 2019

Our morning Meeting  was led by Major Ian

Following some introductory music from the Band Major Ian  began with a quick report on the Dragon Boat race last weekend , including a video presentation . Our Corps Sergeant Major , Tim Scott ,  as Captain of the Sally Ann Sinkers  boat , received the Certificate and Medal from the organisers

The mornings message was   ‘Do you love me’   using John 21: 15-19   as the text

Our first song of the morning was Song 389        Rejoice rejoice

and following this Major Ian  asked  various people who they loved and why ? , how did they know who they loved  and could they remember the day they fell in love with Jesus .

With This in mind when we sang our next Song , Song      397        This is my Desire   we were asked to cast our minds back to that first time we realised we loved Jesus

The Singing Company brought us the song ” Without love ” and included Shirley Harrod as the newest member today


The Songsters message this morning was “By His Hand ”


We saw a video presentation of John 21: 15-19  and after this the Congregation sang Song          1217          Draw me close

The Majors Message    ‘Do you love me’  looked at the Bible reading , and he spoke of the significance of sharing a meal together , be it around the family table or sitting on a beach beside the sea of Galilee next to a charcoal fire , eating the recently caught fish .

The fishing trip had been Simon Peters idea , as he had been at a loss about what to do since the arrest of Jesus  and reverted back to something familiar  ( Fishing) . Sitting together after breakfast Jesus had asked Peter three times  “Do you love me” , to reflect the three times Peter had denied Jesus before his arrest . Peters answer to the question for the 3rd time  “do you love me” , was   “Lord you know everything “, which is still a  true statement today.

Our final two songs of the morning were

Song      607        Lord thou art Questioning  and Song      262        Love divine


Sunday 5pm

Our Café Church meeting this afternoon was entitled Chatham to Israel and Back

and we heard some of the stories of the recent trip to the Holy Land, by some members of the Corps. Woven in  between were  some carefully chosen songs , starting with  Song      229        O Joyful Sound

followed by Song      783        Prayer gently lifts me which was sung by the group in a place called the Tear Drop church in Jerusalem , named for the incident in which Jesus wept over the future fate of Jerusalem.

Charlie Gouyet told us how being in the Garden of Gethsemane, gave him a personal reality that Jesus Died for him

Tony McClure , wearing his prayer shawl , and telling us that each corner has a Bible verse & traditionally each bead was a Jewish Law

Ray Maycock spoke of how moved he was when the group visited Yad Veshum , The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre.

and he found the Singing of  ” Holy Holy  Holy ” during a service whilst on a boat out on the sea of Galilee a tremendous experience , and he said he had never worshipped quite so freely

We sang Song      26          Great is thy Faithfulness

and then we heard from Margaret Day , who felt that time spent on the shore of Galilee , just herself and Nigel  bought Jesus personally close her & Nigel said that, although many of the historical sites that were visited have been built over  many time in 2000 years , a walk that was taken in Magdala Canyon was special , as that has not changed , so he really felt he was walking where Jesus walked .


The Rams Horn was heard  from , with Both Irene & Ray Maycock demonstrating their technique









Those of the group that spoke,  all expressed their gratitude for the amount of preparation and prayer that went into the tour , particularly singling out Major Judith  in their thanks

I think I shall be seeking a member of the group to write a more in depth report of the trip for publication on the website at a later date .

our final song was song 27 Guide me o though Great Jehovah

It was Major Judith that gave us the Benediction

24 “‘“The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
25 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
26 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.”




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