Monday Spot 20th May 2019

Our meeting this morning was led by Major Ian , fresh back from leading a trip to the Holy Land , along with some from our congregation.

Major Ian told us that last Sunday they were in Galilee, singing and praying for Chatham . This Morning he asked us , Where would we find Jesus ?


The Young people were asked to look around the hall, and see if they could find Jesus ( many portraits has been placed around the hall), and when these had all been found they were brought to the platform. ( sorry this is the only picture I got )


When asked where is Jesus ? it soon became obvious he is not in the pictures, he is not in Historic sites or Churches , but within us , and we were challenged – is Jesus seen in us & in our lives ?

The congregation sang its first song  of the morning

-Song      31          Holy Holy Holy  which was followed by a Video Scripture  reading  of      Luke  2: 41-51 

(We were reminded that Jesus was only 12 years old at this time ). We sang our next song   which was Song      176        Jesus Christ, I think about your sacrifice , which was followed by prayers from the congregation, of which we were blessed with quite a few. Our Singing Company gave us the song    ” As One” , which was very well delivered and gratefully received.

Our 3rd congregational song of the morning was Song      376        King of Kings
Tune       722        King of Kings               (Piano) , which was followed by a testimony from  Iris Wells.

Iris , who was one of the group recently returned from the Holy Land,  told us that they had been given advice not to try to predict how they would feel at any particular place on their journey , but Iris was expecting the Garden of Gethsemane to be quite special . As it turned out it was visiting the house of Caiaphas, where Jesus would have been held before his execution, that Iris found most powerful for her and she found herself to be very moved . When at the sea of Galilee they had each been given a pebble to write a message on , and then drop it in the sea, and having done this Iris felt very much at peace , uplifted & stronger, and she wrote these words

I travelled far to a Holy Place, While staying there I knew this place. Returning home much stronger now, to come and love will be my vow .

The Songsters message this morning was the song  ” Come to me” following this Major Judith spoke of Mary & Joseph heading back to the last place they had seen Jesus , the Temple, which was about 90 miles ( a road recently travelled by herself and the others on the Holy Land trip ) Major Judith then led us in a chorus ” Spirit of the Living God ”

Major Ian’s Message this morning     ‘Where will we find Jesus’ looked at the scenario that you may have to go back to where you last were aware of him , even back to the day you first said YES to Jesus, if that’s what it takes for you to re-connect. It is up to us to help others find Christ , and many people don’t even know what to be searching for in their lives because we have not told them about him . Major Ian made the point that the Christian life is tough, some days can be rubbish and the Worldly life can seem easier some times ( so we may lose our way ). When Mary & Joseph couldn’t find Jesus , they retraced their steps to the temple as we read in the scripture , its not a defeat to go back if that’s what you need to do, Major Ian quoted from a song by Brigadier Ruth Tracy (Lord, I pray that I may know thee)

Only as I truly know thee
Can I make thee truly known;

We had a Video  presentation of Steve Greens song   “People need the Lord” , which was a videoed walk along the busy Oxford st in London, and thinking that all the people we could see , Need the Lord .

Major Ian spoke of walking  along the streets in our community , seeing those that are lost, and wanting other people we pass by to feel what we feel about Jesus ” How do we share it”   THAT is our challenge

our final song of the day was

Song      906        What a fellowship

Tune       728        Leaning on the everlasting arms

At 3pm in the afternoon our Band were  giving a programme of Music at Foord Almshouses in Rochester









Thank you to Major Estelle Clack & Greg Davis for the photographs.

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