Monday Spot 13 May 2019

Our meeting yesterday was led by Trish and Don Hall in the absence of Major Ian F Payne who, with Major Judith, is leading a group on tour in the Holy Land.

  Trish and Don Hall

The band played some preliminary music ‘At the Master’s Feet’ before the CSM gave the announcements and welcome.

Trish gave an introduction to the theme of the meeting in the form of some reflections on what had happened to her and Don a year ago and the thoughts she had recorded in her journal coming to the conclusion that ‘Being still is the restoration of my soul’: Psalm 118:24 ‘God’s got our back’.  She and Don had been involved in a minor motorbike accident which had had major consequences for them both.  Blessings do come through tragedy.   Thank God, this is the day that the Lord has made.

The opening song was SASB 374 ‘Jesus is Lord’ and after the prayer Don read scripture from Genesis 6: 1-8

Trish said that she had reflected on these verses and come to the conclusion that if the great flood did really happen then this, she believed, was the greatest disaster the world has ever known.  It is No.1 and there is no No.2.  She had done some research into world disasters and although many are listed, the list itself is not complete because Noah’s flood had covered the entire earth but is not mentioned.  The people had been carrying out business as usual but had been unaware of what was going to happen.  Similarly, this is quoted in Matthew 24:37-39    The people are unaware of the time when Jesus will come again.  This is the question – are you ready for the coming of the Lord on the earth?


The Singing Company sang Zephaniah 3:17.  ‘The Lord your God is with you, He will take great delight in you and rejoice over you with singing’.   The children were invited to the platform to assist with the actions to ‘I’m gonna jump up and down’.  Great fun before they went off to KAOS (Kids Alive on Sunday).

Song 337 followed ‘I will enter His gates’ and then some corporate prayers with congregational responses.   The Songsters’ contribution was ‘Power in the Blood’.

Trish’s sermon was based on explanations of Genesis 6:1-8.  She said that these verses answered the question as to why God sent the flood.   The world had become so evil with abuse of marriage and the introduction of demonism.  God came to an end of His patience.  There were corrupt leaders and the world was totally depraved.  What is described here is no different from us today.  The Lord grieved and was deeply troubled over human sin and shame.  He decided to un-create the earth through the Flood – the No.1 world disaster.   But Noah found grace, or rather Grace found Noah.   He didn’t earn it – it was a gift to him.  A lesson for us to know grace is available in our darkest hour.  There is no pit too deep for God to reach you.  Seek God, turn to Him and trust Him.   Noah did save himself, and his family, and we can do this.  God shines the light of freedom on us.   The marks of Noah are paralleled in the world today.  Don’t give up hope.  Let’s be busy about the Lord’s business.  Grace is available for all who want it.   This is the day that the Lord has made.

Song 1002 ‘I, the Lord of Sea and Sky’ gave opportunity for response and the meeting ended with the singing of ‘And can it be’ SASB 241.

Following the meeting the band were carrying out their routine visit to the Wisdom Hospice where their service is much appreciated.

Thank you for visiting the website.  Next Sunday morning the meeting will be led by Major Ian F Payne and in the afternoon the Band are playing on the bandstand at Foord Almshouses, Rochester from 2 pm.


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