Holy Week

Just a quick overview of what has been happening at Chatham during  this Holy week

On Tuesday we had an Easter Meditation , hosted by the Band & Songsters

On Wednesday  a Great evening was had at  Chatham – ‘What’s Easter all about? – Godly play with Tracy Wood – amazing responses and very thoughtful in a different way – We all sat in the round while Tracy shared the story from Birth to resurrection. Some very poignant moments







A Seder Meal  at Chatham on Thursday was next  – great response and a  thoughtful time for Maundy Thursday.






On Good Friday our meeting was led by Divisional Commanders Majors Mark and Linda Herbert. the meeting was entitled  ” From the Crib to the Cross” with particular focus on Isaiah 53 , v 1-5

The Meeting was supported by our Band & our  Singing Company

Following the Meeting the Band and most of the Corps took part in the March of witness , along with three other Churches in Chatham we marched along the High street, pausing at various points for Bible Readings & prayers. We had a good crowd stand and listen  to the message presented by the Church leaders.














Come and join us this Sunday

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