Monday Spot 8th April 2019

Our morning meeting, led by Major Ian Payne, was based on Mark 10:52 and helped to begin our preparations for the Easter season.

Major Ian Payne

We began the morning by remembering Rex Boughton, who was Promoted to Glory earlier this week. Prayers were offered for Rex’s wider family and thanks were given for his faithful service over many years. We then sang ‘They’ll Sing a Welcome Home’ (SASB879), accompanied by the Band.

‘Tell me the Stories of Jesus’ (SASB151) was followed by a story from Mark 10, in which the blind man, Bartimaeus, had faith in Jesus and was healed by Him. Major Ian spoke about Jesus’s question to Bartimaeus, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ (Mark 10:51), and how we each might respond to the same question. We were challenged about the importance of taking time to turn to Jesus and communicate with him, especially as we prepare ourselves for Easter.

Don and Trish Hall were commissioned as leaders of the Oasis Fellowship, and our message was affirmed with the song ‘For this, I have Jesus’ (SASB700), reminding us of Christ’s presence with us at both the best and worst times of life.

Our 4pm meeting took the form of an ‘On the Sofa’ conversation with Tim and Heather Scott. Tim and Heather shared stories and experiences from their youth, right through to their current situations, testifying to how their faith in God has affected the choices they have made and their response to the circumstances they have found themselves in. We began by singing ‘Make the world with music ring’ (SASB809), a favourite of Tim, before listening to and reflecting on the song ‘Come Thou fount of every blessing’.

Tim and Heather talk to Major Ian

Remembering Heather’s time as the corps Primary Sergeant, we sang the children’s song ‘Great Big God’. Heather is now the corps Recruiting Sergeant and spoke of her encouragement that some of the children she cared for in the Primary are now undertaking recruit’s classes.

Tim, who works in transport, said that his faith positively affects the way he manages other people, while Heather, who teaches English to adults, recounted several interesting, faith-based conversations she has had with people she has met while doing her work. We concluded the day by singing ‘At the name of Jesus’ (SASB141) to the tune of Princethorpe.

We look forward to our two Palm Sunday services next week (10am and 4pm) and hope to see you there!

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