Monday Spot 25th February 2019

            Our meeting this Sunday – Was entitled                                 International Praise

                                  ‘See the Difference you can make……



After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

Revelation 7:9

Introductory music from the Band was tune 897- “They shall come from the East”   &   Tune 890 “This is the day ”

Our Corps had played host to an African Home league conference on Saturday , and we had some of those involved contribute to the our morning meeting . we also  had a visiting group from Norway , so our meeting really did have an International flavour.

Major Ian began the meeting looking at the Army’s Strength when it works Internationally , illustrated with some Chatham Dockyard Hemp rope.






Made of strands , in themselves not strong , but when bound together become immensely strong

Our first song of the morning was

Song          926             Let us go out into the world

Tune                    937             With love in our hearts

which was followed by a film clip  of people saying what they were  ” thankful for”  in Life   . In between the verses of the next song   , the congregation were encouraged to do the same

Song          60               Thank you God For your Gift  (Piano)

Prayers                         I Thank God For…

We had our next self Denial Film

Film Clip2            Self Denial no.2

Some of our Young People have just come back from Territorial Youth Choir & Youth Band week in Bournemouth

 Major Ian quizzing Katelyn , Erin & Fiona about the weeks activities

The Singing Company sang – Zephaniah 3,17

Following The Singing Company we heard from two of the Visiting Group from Norway , who are taking part in a course learning about the Salvation Army, It’s history & Faith , and part of the Course is a trip to the UK. Everyone is staying at the training college during their visit










Captain Geir  ( on the right  in the above photo )  from Bergen gave his Testimony ..

As a young boy in Trondheim , where his parents were Corps officers , he used to show off the large Corps Building to his school friends ,  as his house ( not saying that they really lived in the apartment above) . One boy took a rather beautiful copy of the Army songbook  ( which Geir had admired for some time himself )from a shelf and ran off. After the book was ” Recovered” it was given to Geir as a gift from his Father along with a life verse ( It’s the same as your body temperature 37.5  so it’s easy to remember)

Psalm 37:5 – Commit your way to the Lord;    trust in him and he will do this.

Geir told us that he has stayed faithful to that verse, even through some tragic personal losses over the years – and as he summed up , the Lord was always there, Trust in the Lord .

We also heard from  Major Anne-Grethe Karlgren Brevik Amland of Stavanger Corps , who played the Piano and sang a song of her own composition which had as its theme

” You Barely Scratched the Surface of what God has for you ”

The Songsters contribution to the meeting was “Open Hand” adapted from Psalm 145


Film Clip              General Brian Peddle


For our final songs we had a rousing finish to the day , with the Band Playing  and three of the Corps who attended the African Home League worshipping from the Platform

Song          940             We’re an Army fighting

Tune          644             Happy Song

Song           903             We are Marching in the light of God

Tune           912             “                 “                 “

Chrs            941             We’re marching on, We’re Marching on

Tune           312             “                 “




Following the Meeting the Band played in the High street and our Visitors stayed for Lunch at the Corps


Thank you to all who made worship possible today


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