Monday Spot 4th February 2019

This Sunday Morning meeting was Commitment Sunday

                     ‘Living Fruitfully as Disciples’

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.

John 17:9


Our meeting began with a  Commitment Sunday Film Clip

followed by two Congregational songs

Song                   372             Jesus is Lord

Tune          708             “        “


Song                   373             Jesus, be the centre

Tune          567             Be the Centre

This was followed by a series of photographs, where the congregation were asked to determine if the image was real or fake . (I got about 30% correct myself ). The images showed how we can be mislead by what we see , and the final photo was of two men , both ostensibly Christian , but one was an actor posing with a Bible , the other was a Minister out on the front line in the Middle East . 

The Singing Company gave us the song  ” Everybody needs something to live for”  which was well sung and was  received  with a well deserved respectful silence .


The Songsters contribution was the song ” I’ll Follow Thee ”


We had another short  Film Clip on John 15:1-17

followed by the congregational song

Song:        345             To Be in your presence

Tune          764             My Desire


The Message  from Major Ian ‘Living Fruitfully as Disciples’ looked at the above passage , and asked us to take stock of  our lives, consider what needed pruning. Once we had pruned something non – productive  from our lives , we were advised that we should wait on God to replace this with something  wholesome & fruitful


Reflection & Response   

Everyone was given a commitment card on arrival, this card had a perforated section at the bottom. We were asked to write down those things we wished to prune in our lives, tear off the strip and feed it into the shredder at the front of the hall. We had also been given a small label, and on this we could if we chose, write our names and tie it to the Chatham Corps vine


(Made from rope from the Chatham Dockyard apparently )

 The Vine will be in place for others to add their names if the were away this weekend


our final song of the morning was

Song                   601             Lord I Come to you

Tune          868             The Power of your love    



The afternoon meeting continued the theme of Commitment Sunday with the theme ‘Between You and Me Lord’ and was arranged and led by the Songsters.

The opening song by the brigade was ‘He was there’ with the reminder that God is everywhere and in all things.  After Songster Sergeant Ruth Hardy had welcomed everyone there was a film clip from ‘Bruce Almighty’ which showed how overwhelmed he was when he received millions of prayers and dealt with them by saying ‘Yes’ to every one.  What would we do if God said ‘Yes’ to all our prayers?  Something to ponder.  Major Alma Brown and Dawn introduced the song ‘Thou Art the Way’.  Major Alma explained how she felt the call of God upon her life when she was 18 and throughout all her service as an Officer in the Salvation Army she had truly dedicated herself to service to God.

Jean Jones opened the meeting with prayer.

The next song by the Songsters was ‘Down where the waters flow’


before Songster Sharon Smith testified to how she and husband Andy had followed God’s leading when they moved home to Chatham because of Andy’s work situation, then trusted in God to help them when they went through bereavement.

The YP Band played ‘Spirit of the Living God’ and the Singing Company’s message was ‘At the Well’.


Songsters Emma and Martin Davis sang enthusiastically the vocal duet ‘I will Rejoice’ which was really uplifting.

The Band brought the march ‘Heavenward’.

Ruth then performed a sketch of The Lord’s Prayer which she had first performed when she was quite young when she was surprised to hear God’s voice questioning her as to whether she understood what she was praying as she went through the Lord’s Prayer.

The Songsters followed by singing ‘I am praying’.   Ruth brought the Bible thought which continued the theme of how we need to mean what we pray and trust God to answer.   The Songsters’ song ‘I Surrender All’ gave time for additional reflection before Major Ian prayed and the Songsters sang the benediction ‘The Lord bless you and keep you’.


Thank you to all those who made worship possible this week

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