Christmas Message from General Brian Peddle

My Christmas message for 2018 is focused, unsurprisingly, on Jesus. Jesus is all about justice, righteousness and salvation.

‘The people who heard prophecies of his forthcoming birth, the people who lived at the time of Jesus and we who are alive today are all too familiar with a broken world where injustices are prevalent and which is blighted by lack of morality.
‘The person, the message and method found in Jesus brings a countercultural perspective that transforms the dark and lifeless falsehood of the kingdom of this world into a gloriously bright, vivacious reality of the Kingdom of God.
‘You and I can experience this transformation and share the same with others when we live in relationship with Jesus.
‘So this Christmas, let us trust God, rely on his power, live in relationship with him and partner with him to bring life, light and hope to our world.
‘May God bless you this Christmastime.’
The General also recorded a video message which can be found here
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