Monday Spot 1 October 2018

Yesterday was Harvest Sunday and the morning meeting was led by Major Ian F Payne who had baked a marvellous harvest loaf for the occasion.


The meeting began with Major Ian referring to Col. 2:7  which says ‘we should be rooted and built up in Him’.  He showed pictures of harvesting in olden times with horsedrawn carts and then up to date harvesting with combine harvesters of great width.  He spoke of the vine and how it is spoken of in the Bible more than any other plant.  The congregation joined with the singing of SA Song 58 ‘Sowing in the morning’ and then SA Song 60 ‘Thank you Lord for your gift beyond words’ to commence a time of prayer.   The Singing Company brought their message ‘Harvest Hymn – Give Thanks’. One child in the gallery joined in the whole song very joyfully.


SA Song 70 ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ gave opportunity for the altar service, offering and donation of tinned food for the Foodbank to take place.   Bible reading John 15:1-17  was shown on screen being read by many different voices.   The Songsters’ contribution to the meeting was the song ‘All Good Gifts’.

Major Ian then gave the message from the Word ‘Thanksgiving & Gratitude’.  He said he enjoyed nothing better than sitting in a beautiful garden but confessed that he wasn’t a skilled gardener himself.  John 15 is a well known bible story.  There is an acknowledgement that the gardener is ‘My Father’.  If God is in control of the garden of our life – it’s good.  He will control our lives if we let him.  This is best, but sometimes it is hard.   We need to stay connected to the vine.  Verses 1 & 5 say ‘I am the vine’  It is so important that Jesus repeats it. We will become fruitful if we stay connected.  ‘Remain in Me’ Jesus says.  If you stay in touch, Major Ian said, ‘your feet won’t get warm but your heart will burn with life’.  When we bear fruit – loving each other – the Father is glad.  ‘Abide in Me’, Jesus says.  To abide means to ‘obey, observe and follow’ so if you do this you will bear fruit.

Where do we harvest souls for the Lord?  In past days it was in the open air where people were invited to come back to the hall and were led to Christ.  Where do we tell people about Jesus and the vine?  The message is one of love.  Tree roots spread as far out as the tree.  We are told to let our roots go deep in Jesus.  How deep are you rooted today?  How deep is your love?  –  The deeper you go the more fruit you will bear.  Christ will make his home in our hearts and our hearts need to pump in sync with God’s heart.  Eph 3:17  

The gardener is doing His job.  The vine is doing its job.  Are we doing our job?  Allow God to go deep into your heart and you will bear fruit.

The Song 65 ‘The wonder of it all’ was a time of reflection and an invitation to respond.   Prayer followed and then the final song, SA Song 9 Come ye thankful people come before the Benediction.


We are pleased to announce the sum raised by the MacMillan Coffee Morning was £436.45.  An excellent result.  Many thanks to all those who participated.

Next weekend is our 145 Corps Anniversary commencing at 6 pm on Saturday evening with tea and cake and ‘Chatham’s Got Talent’.  Our new Territorial Commanders, Commissioners Anthony and Gillian Cotterill will be here for the weekend.  The Sunday meetings will be at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Thank you for visiting our website.  A short report and photos will be published tomorrow of the visit to Regent Hall for the Installation of our Territorial Commanders.


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