Monday Spot 23 July 2018 pt 1`

This morning we welcomed Lt Cols Drew & Bev McCombe (THQ) who led our worship which included the Dedications  of Jessie Rose Dean and  Ruben Frederick Dean, Drew & Bev were the Corps officers at Chatham between 2004  & 2011.


The Theme of the meeting was  ” One Life to Live ” and the order of service is copied below

Song          39              Joyful, Joyful       (B)             TB 367

Lt Col Beverley spoke about how we would all love to experience life in all its fullness, we need only to meet with Jesus to experience it

Song          147            Lord Jesus Christ (P)            TB 734

Prayers:    by     Lt Col Beverley               ‘Fear not I am with you’

Song          82              Jesus, name above all names (P)  TB714

The Singing Company    gave us the song “I’m in his hands”

Song          3                All things bright and beautiful (B)        TB 550 was sung in the lead up to the Dedication of  Jessie Rose Dean , Daughter of Ben & Lucy   &  Ruben Frederick Dean , Son of  Matt & Emily.




Sung prayer                 One life to live    by          Martin & Emma Davis

Bible Reading              Phil 3: 4b-14

The songsters   led by Emma Davis , gave us the song Gift of Grace ( Howard Davies/John Martin)

The Message was given by Lt Col  Drew , who asked the congregation  what we wished for /prayed for and aspire to in the future lives of Jessie & Ruben..answers that came from the congregation included experiencing love,fulfilment, hope ,happiness to be able to experience life.

Drew went on to say that as we only have “one life to Live” we should think about the idea that you can’t say no to things in life until you have said yes to something. Life is a sacred holy gift from God, which we all have received. What are you doing with yours ?

Why is being crazy busy the normal state of  life often, running from one thing to the next , not really ever present in all the things you do. If we make a choice to say yes to doing  a few thing , it can give you strength to say no to doing other things . We need to know what to Say Yes to, those things to which we can give of our best & not expend all our energy following others  peoples”best” works.

Drew quoted an ex French football player Didier Drogba, recently interviewed, who now sees his work with disabled children as his Mission, he has found his “best thing”

You can’t do everything, you need to identify your “Best thing”. Set some limits in your life, don’t do things out of guilt  or for your ego, do things that God wants you to do. We should not just keep going through the motions , some thing have a necessary ending and this allows us to do new things . Changes like this will take courage but if you look at your week ahead of you , are these things your involved with your “best” things ?

Lt Col Beverly closed this part of the meeting saying she hoped we have the courage to say YES to life, can we ( along with family & friends ) discern the few things to which we are called to do

Song          565            All I once held dear (P)                  TB 725


SOF           1498          Over all the earth (B)            SOF 1498


The Pianist today was Lisa Davis and my Camera crew were Mike Gibbs & Lauren Officer


Following the meeting the Band  continued their ongoing ministry in the High st









At 4pm a BBQ fellowship at   the Quarters was held, and a great time was had by all Photograph can be seen in part I have exceeded the limit of upload size now



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