Monday Spot 18th June 2018 Pt 2

As promised here is the report on our Sunday Afternoon 4 pm meeting which was a Music & Worship meeting , led by Chatham Senior Band

The Band began the meeting with the tunes ” Cairo Red shield”  and  “Be still for the presence of the Lord”

Major Ian called Emma Davis to the platform to receive a Bouquet of flowers, these were in recognition of her time leading the Singing Company recently

The congregation sang ” Gods Soldier marches as to war ” and then Emma  led the Singing Company in the song ” The great Downpour”

Rebecca Abbott delivered her testimony , and she had been asked to talk about the things that are important to her

Following this the Band gave us the tune “Songs of Salvation” by Andrew Mackereth.

Bandmaster Nigel Lockwood explained the tune had elements of   ” Ring the Bell watchman , Make no Delay ,Tell me the old old story & Praise God I’m Saved ”

The next Musical item was the YP Band who played a Ray Steadman Allen piece  ” God is Good”






The Songsters sang “I’m in his hands ”

The Band gave us the tune  – Prelude on  “Lavenham” a very stirring piece , and after which we heard  from Martin Davis

who spoke on the subject of how we remain pure, referring back to the Junior Soldiers  making their promise earlier in the day and the earlier congregation song . Martin read from Paul’s 2nd letter to the Corinthians , and talked about us not being isolated from the World , because life separated is not effective. Martin made the comment that “a  sanctified life in a dark world has endless possibilities” .

A very powerful word Martin .


The Bands final tune for the Afternoon was ” Fill the world with Glory”  and we then had a Benediction from Josh Davis – Matt 5 v8

Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God

Our thanks to all those who took part in the afternoons meeting, especially to the Band .



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