Monday Spot 7th May 2018

Sunday May 6th Morning meeting

Our morning meeting at Chatham on the 6th May  at 10 am was led by our own Chatham Citadel Band under the leadership of Nigel Lockwood

We began with the Band providing some ” pre-music”  –       Turn your eyes upon Jesus , by  Howard Davies

Followed by the CSM Tim Scott, bringing us the Welcome and announcements.

The Congregation were invited to sing SA Song 917/198    Christ for the world, we sing – accompanied by the Band.

The Band then gave us the tune –    In deeper consecration  , by    Kenneth Smith..words can be found in SA songbook 712.


Chris Boughton then delivered a very moving Prayer, which was followed by our Singing Companies contribution entitled ” simply Trusting”

The congregation sang  SA Song 72/315  “you can’t stop God from loving you”  introduced by Sharon Smith & accompanied by Carole Horwood on the Piano

The Bible reading Romans 8:31-39 was given to us by Charlie Gouyet and this was followed by the Songsters who sang  ” Worthy” by Emma Pears.

Adrian Horwood  gave us a Euphonium Solo –     He Giveth More Grace    , by  Ray Steadman-Allen .  We were asked to particularly think on the words of the last verse

“His love has no limits, his grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of his infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again. ”


The Address was delivered by Greg Davis, and he focused on the last verse of the earlier Bible reading Romans 8:31-39

39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our LORD.

Greg commented that “we cannot” be separated from God, but their can be times when we may feel separated due to our actions. Greg put these times into 3 categories

  1. If we are lost in our sin, for example we have hatred or anger in our heart
  2. We allow ourselves to believe we know all we need to about the Bible , we have heard it all before & been to lots of sermons. We go about our lives in our own way , with just a head knowledge of God rather than the deeper relationship
  3. Our Environment could cause separation, if we get immersed in our environment , rushing around , perhaps getting bad influences from others, that could lead us to feeling separated from God .                   Greg invited us take a couple of Minutes to bring ourselves into Gods presence, to re-connect and stop doing things in our own strength.                                                                                                                                                  The Band then played  ” At thy feet I bow adoring”, by Leonard Rowlands the words to which I put below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              At thy feet I bow adoring,
    Bending lower, lower still;
    Giving up my all to follow,
    Just to do my Master’s will;
    Giving up my all to follow,
    Just to do my Master’s will.

Our final song was SA Song 12/212   Eternal God, unchanging

followed by Benediction 1041 This, this is the God we adore


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