Suffering church

With permission we again bring extracts from Spiral Magazine (February 2018 issue) published by the Parish of South Gillingham.

sufferingchurch (Medium)

Algeria:  A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk has been closed down after the local authorities claimed the church had been used to ‘illegally print Gospels and publications intended for evangelism’.  Please pray that the church will be reopened and for protection for national Christians who seek to live out their faith.

Laos:  House churches in northern provinces have been closed down by the government and church leaders forced to sign papers preventing them worshipping or teaching in their homes. Please pray for wisdom and courage for these leaders and their churches.

Columbia:  Julian Malo (24), his wife Patricia (28) and Bible translator Martin Montero (19) from the Wiwaa community were arrested and imprisoned in September for their Christian activities. Julian & Patricia run a sheltered home for persecuted indigenous children where they can learn about God. Please pray for strong faith and that they may be released soon.

Kyrgyzstan:  Muslim militants firebombed a Baptist church in Kyrgyzstan on 3 January in revenge for a series of outreach meetings. Although causing extensive damage, miraculously the Bible on the altar survived the arson attack. Please pray for Christians to stand firm in their faith and witness to Jesus.

Sudan:  Although the fragile ceasefire is holding, the people of Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, including many Christians, are still battling another enemy: hunger. Six years of civil war between Sudan’s government troops and the SPLM-N rebels, fighting for self-determination, has destroyed communities and infrastructure in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan. It has resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced people, humanitarian aid being blocked and markets made inaccessible. The severe drought affecting most of east Africa has exacerbated the situation further. Basic services such as medical support and education are almost non-existent. Those suffering most are widows and children. Please pray for God’s provision for the Nuba people, and that emergency food aid will reach those who need it most.

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