A Mother’s Day treat (and a ministry)

The following account has been received from Sue Willard who manages our Parent and Toddler Groups.


Sue writes:

Being a mother can be a wonderful and rewarding experience – but it can also bring its challenges.

At our parent and toddler groups we meet a broad spectrum of mothers and carers. Most are enjoying life with their children, but for others motherhood is proving difficult. Sleep deprivation; money or housing worries; behaviour issues; and a lack of family support can make mums anxious and tearful. In addition, many need to work part time and are trying to juggle family life with work commitments.

Within the parent and toddler groups we are able to provide a safe space and a listening ear, to empathise and to share our experiences. We can show Jesus’ love through our words and actions.

Showing hospitality is one of our core values, and last week we treated our mums ahead of Mothering Sunday.


Rather than grab a quick coffee “on the go”, we encouraged them to sit at tables and waited on them. As they sat and ate homemade cakes and biscuits, they were able to relax and chat while we kept the children busy. Each mum also received a gift: a mug with a sachet of hot chocolate and a card bearing a message of encouragement. Hopefully, we made them feel valued and special.

Please join us in praying for our young mums that they might find the love, support and encouragement they need to help them nurture their families.

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