Monday Spot (12 March 2018)

Mother’s Day meetings were held at both Chatham and Strood yesterday. We are reporting on the meeting at Strood led by Major Karen Smith

 Major Karen Smith

‘All creatures of our God and King’ was the well known hymn chosen to commence the worship after which each member of the congregation was asked to give the person sitting next to them a compliment. The song ‘Give thanks with a grateful heart’ initiated prayer time in which thanks for our mothers was included. Scripture chosen was from 1 Kings 3:16-28.

Major Karen allocated time for the children during which Children’s Ministries leader Cheryl Bevis invited the youngsters to take a box of chocolates and give them to the mothers (and all ladies) in the meeting. The children brought the energetic song from Sister Act, I will follow him’ which received great applause from the congregation. 


Following the song ‘Lord of all hopefulness’ the senior singing group brought its ministry (Now I belong to Jesus) and Major Karen delivered her bible message entitled ‘Solomon’s wisdom and a mother’s love’ Summarised she said:

Our scripture today speaks about God’s wisdom. Mothers are an important part of our lives and our history. We remember those with a sincere faith in particular. They passed down to their children the things they knew to be true.

The fifth commandment requires us to honour both our father and our mother. God shows us how important mothers are by the words of scripture which refer to such people. In our scripture today the women are far from good but they drew out the wisdom of God through king Solomon who had asked God for wisdom and received that gift from him.

There have been a number of TV shows in recent years which have required the contestants to discover the truth amongst false information. Our story has similarities to these shows. The first thing to realise is that there is no such thing as the perfect mother. Despite this Solomon took the time to be concerned about these women.

We, too, are not perfect children so we should be prepared to overlook a mother’s failures just as they overlooked ours. Mother hood is stressful, indeed all relationships share this problem. God gave Solomon the wisdom to save the child in a difficult situation and God can supply this wisdom in our own situations as well

Sometimes we have to give up something in order to be a good mother. Personal sacrifice goes with the role of motherhood. A mother’ love for her children is sacrificial and we thank god for for that love shown by our mothers.

God knew you and had a plan for you whilst you were still in your mother’s womb. He loved you then and he loves you now.

As Easter approaches I have been pondering on the sacrificial love of Jesus. At the last he was concerned for his mother. We must be concerned, with sacrificial love, not only for our mothers but for all those we know and meet.

At this time Major Karen distributed more chocolates to the congregation, but these were to be given to someone else in an act of sacrificial love and as a means to start a conversation bringing encouragement and showing care. These people will then feel as if we value them and they are loved. God values us – his love showed that.

The song ‘Joyful, joyful, we adore thee’ concluded the worship.

The evening meeting at Chatham was led by Majors Peter and Estelle Clack and began with the last of the video series we have been watching about our Partners in Mission from the South America East Territory, this time Uruguay. Following a ‘Call to Worship’ by Major Estelle the meeting continues with a song for the congregation, ‘Tell them in the east and in the west’.

Prayers were said by Penny Clay and the musical contribution from the Band was ‘O for a heart whiter than snow’. In a short time for younger members of the congregation Major Estelle showed how a Burka was worn by modelling one on Rebecca Abbott. She explained how women wearing such a garment often felt a sense of freedom because they could access everywhere without difficulty.

Scripture chosen was from Romans 12 and the Songsters brought ‘O disclose thy lovely face as a contribution to worship. General Albert Orsborn’s song, ‘My life must be Christ’s broken bread’, was the setting for the Altar Service in which many brought gifts to support the Army’s work overseas. A further song, ‘Christ for the world we sing’ led to a talk from both Major Peter and Major Estelle in which they spoke about their experiences on missionary service in a number of different countries.

The song ‘On we march with the blood and the fire’ brought the meeting to a close.

Next weekend we are to blessed by a visit from the International Staff Songsters of The Salvation Army. This is likely to be a great weekend so, if you haven’t made any plans why not join us to hear some great singing and a strong Christian message. Look out for the advert again this week.


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