It’s all over!

Well, almost. We still have the new year to celebrate this weekend but before we leave Christmas for another year there are just a couple of things we haven’t mentioned.



The Band again assisted at the NHS volunteers carol service in Rochester Cathedral, providing seasonal music before, during and after the service including accompanying the carols sung by the congregation. Also providing music for the occasion was ‘Nchant’, the senior girls choir of Rochester Grammar School, under the direction of our own Carolynn Woodman.


Both the Band and the Choir added greatly to the event and their participation has now become almost a tradition. It was good to see  the Cathedral well filled and to hear the enthusiast contribution of the congregation.

The final Cameo meeting of the year was treated to a wonderful musical medley by Jeremy and Lisa Davis together with son Joshua and daughter Laura. Music on different instruments (cornet, trumpet, recorder and piano) together with some excellent singing from the whole group (but principally Lisa) made for a very entertaining afternoon.


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