Monday Spot (6 November 2017)

‘The Guys’ was the theme of the morning meeting yesterday led by Corps Officer Major Nigel Schultz

 Major Nigel Schultz

‘Christians Awake’ followed by a time of prayer including the song ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ began the worship . The time spent with the children included a short presentation on the subject of disciples. The children were asked to name the twelve disciples of Jesus which they achieved successfully (with only a minimal amount of help from the adults). A stiffer test was to name all the tribes of Israel. Major Nigel pointed out that these were all ‘guys’ and named those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time (examples were Judas and Joseph). Of course sweets were available for those who participated!!)



The ministry of the Singing Company was ‘Father Creator’ (soloist Erin). It was a joy to see a new member (Sian) singing for the first time. We were also pleased to see Hannah singing for the first time last Sunday.


 Sian  Hannah

An unusual feature of the meeting was the reading of the Doctrines of The Salvation Army by all present. The song ‘Far and near, hear the call’ followed and scripture was taken from Matthew 10:1-14. Major Nigel delivered his message, saying (summarised):

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Guy Fawkes’! His family expected great things of him but history suggests he did not achieve much. Her fought with the Spanish army for eight years and then returned to England.We know of him because of his attempt to blow up parliament but what do we know about the disciples of Jesus?

In Barking, where I served before coming to Chatham, there is a lot of history surrounding the ‘gunpowder plot’. This show that there were those who wanted to destroy all Catholic abbeys in Britain. There were also those who wanted to return to the old faith. Guy was in t he wrong place at the wrong time.

Scripture shows that Joseph was also in the wrong place at the wrong time because he had been banished by his brothers. Judas, the disciple of Jesus who betrayed him, also had the same experience. In our society today we seem to have plenty of people in the wrong place at the wrong time and doing wrong things. The media has been full of such news recently.

Guys, are we doing the right thing for Jesus in the right place at the right time. We have to be sure of what we do and do it for God. In scripture Jesus chose his ‘guys’ and gave them specific instructions. He chooses us in the same way. Next year The Salvation Army is focusing on discipleship. We have been reminded of our beliefs and we need to be disciplined in our actions so that they are in accord with them. There is a real need for this and if it is missing we will surely fail. We must follow the teachings of Jesus and have a responsibility to carry these out.

The chorus ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus gave time for reflection.

The ministry of the Songsters (If you would be strong) followed the message and  the meeting closed with the song ‘Who comes to me, the Saviour said……’

The afternoon meeting saw the Young People’s Annual Prizegiving. Three songs were used for the congregation to sing, ‘All things bright and beautiful’, ‘Shine, from the inside out’ and ‘You don’t have to be clever’.

The children’s music sections took a prominent part with two items from the Singing Company (‘And can it be’ and ‘You make me happy’) and two items from the Junior Band (‘Three songs of worship’ and ‘Hark how the watchman cry’)


Individual musical items were provided by Fiona and Elliot, tenor horn (Frenesi) and piano (Bouncing Billy and Skipping Rope). Hannah, Isabella and Katelyn brought prayers. Mia S shared a favourite Bible reading (Genesis 1:1-5), Michaela spoke about ‘why being a Christian is hard’ and Mia W gave her thoughts on modern day slavery. Sam gave the announcements and Erin spoke the offering prayer.


 Fiona  Elliot

Prizes were distributed in groups (Primary, KAOS, Scout group, Chief Scouts Awards, and final prizes





Children’s Ministries Leader Tracy Wood shared a thought with the children using all the wrong tools to make a cheese sandwich. She told then that they must not try to be something they are not but just to be themselves because that is how God made them. (nobody wanted to eat the cheese sandwich!!!)


The Band (adults) played out with ‘Joy in my heart’.

We are truly blessed by god in having so many lovely children a part of our church We thank God for them and also for all those who give their time and effort in training them to be good Christian adults in the future.

Thank you again for reading our website. We look forward to you coming back again soon. For now, have a great week.



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