Ladies Fellowship

   Major  Judy Schultz

Major Judy Schultz was the speaker at this month’s meeting of Ladies Fellowship.  At the start she recapped on events which had taken place like the ‘Women and God’ week-end at Swanwick and the Celebration Tea Party at Tunbridge Wells and hoped that more people from Chatham could attend.

We were enthralled to hear about the visit of Tweenagers to Tanzania earlier in the year.  What an exciting time they had with the children at the Matumaini school.  They were told that they were the first group to have visited and really integrated with the children – they made a great impression and came back with changed values.

Major Judy announced the appointment of our new Leader – Sharon Smith

   Sharon, laughing, not shouting.

We welcome Sharon and look forward to enjoying some good times with her.

For the benediction, Major Judy invited us reflect on our day, asking the same questions that the young people were asked each day and singing their end of the day song.

Next month we will be having a fund raising evening for the Helping Hand project by bringing and buying secret parcels.


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