Monday Spot (11 September 2017)

Corps Officer Major Nigel Schultz was the leader of the morning meeting at Chatham yesterday, his them being ‘1471 Call Back’.

 Major Nigel Schultz

Beginning the worship with the song ‘Thou hast called me from the byway’, Major Nigel continued with scripture from Matthew 10. Prayer time included the song ‘God forgave my sins in Jesus’ name’ from the musical ‘Come together’ by Carol Owens.

‘Phone time’ was the title given to the children’s spot in which Major Nigel engaged two of the children in conversation about their mobile phones. He asked how important was their phone to them and reminded them of how important it is to have a conversation with God every day.

The contribution from the Singing Company (children’s choir) was ‘For God so loved the world’ and the Songsters (adult choir) brought ‘I will sing your praises’. The song ‘Keep on believing’ was also used before Major Nigel delivered his message saying (summarised):

I may yet be called for a number of activities, for example West Ham United or Strictly Come Dancing (yeah, right!)

These days telephone technology is amazing with its photos, videos, post codes, the ability to do your shopping on line,etc., etc. Occasionally we might even make a phone call!!! (actually talk to someone. 45 years ago my family living room had a phone in the corner – locked! The the phone was a very special  way of speaking to another person but today some people are even nervous about that. Do you remember when 1471 came into being. Does anyone actually use it now?

So, what has all this got to do with scripture? Jesus called hos disciples to minister with him. He said I WILL MAKE you fishers of men. He MAKES us the persons we should be. His second call (shall we call it a ‘call back’) gave them power over impure spirits and the ability to heal.

People use their phones to tell us everything they want to. We live in a communication world but no one has ever called this building to ask for Jesus or the power he gives. We need to develop our prayer life so that it is always part of our day to day living. We are the people of God.

It is time for us, as leaders, to claim this authority and power. We need the second call from Jesus giving this to us. Jesus, who has given us life itself, offers us the authority to do all things in his name. Freely received, freely give.

But you will need to be on your guard because you will suffer persecution. But do not worry for when this happens God will speak through you. Many Christians are called in front of ‘authority’ to defend their faith and some even die for it.

Within our fellowship are those in suffering and we can have the power to heal. As a church, our place of healing is our Mercy Seat. There we can meet with Jesus who calls us back, time and time again. He is calling us this morning and wants to give us power and authority.-

A reprise of ‘God forgave my sins in Jesus’ name’ allowed time for reflection and several came to the Mercy Seat in further dedication before the song ‘Thank you for saving me’ brought the worship to a conclusion.

‘Spiritual Warfare’ was the theme chosen by Major Karen Smith for the evening worship.

 Major Karen Smith

‘We’re in God’s Army and we fight’ was the song of declaration with which she began the meeting, followed by a Corporate Declaration, ‘I am more than a conqueror’ based on Romans 8:37.

‘Soldiers of Christ, arise’ was the encouragement found in the next song before a time of prayer included the song ‘God of comfort and compassion’ and a special time of Intercessory Prayer for our Nation and World seemed timely in view of the current uncertainties surrounding world military power and Brexit negotiations.

The ministry from  the Band was ‘A thanksgiving suite (2nd movement)’ and scripture chosen was from 2 Corinthians 10:1-6. The contribution from the Songsters was ‘Your grace still amazes me’ and Major Karen delivered her message (Spiritual Weapons) saying:

When did you last go to Dover Castle? I went recently with two of my Grandsons and was delighted to see that everything is now ‘hands-on’ for children. The boys loved it. I was impressed with the walls of the castle which were so thick that one could understand how easily attack could be repulsed.

This is Part 1 of three that I will be preaching on in the next few weeks on the subject of spiritual warfare. The other two will feature ‘shattered strongholds’ and ‘submissive minds’. We are in a physical world but we do not fight in a physical way. Islam fight by force (Jihad). Christianity is also a Jihad and also pursues world domination (Kingdom domination)! It preaches a holy war in an effort to pull down evil strongholds.

A Christian soldier has armour to protect him. The belt of truth – we have to mean it; no hypocrites. We must ask ourselves if we are real Christians. The breastplate of righteousness – a perfect garment of salvation, consistent. The shield of faith – for our defence. Our sword is the Word of God – for attack.

We need to employ these weapons against false and worldly views. This involves our minds, talents and arguments. Our minds are regenerated and wholly biblical so that we know how to apply the Word of God.

The powers God supplies do not reside in the weapon or the person but they are mighty through God. It is in God and God alone that the weapons have their strength.

When we pray it must not only be for ourselves but for our comrades also. Prayer is vital if we are to gain our efficiency in using these weapons. This is the way we gain the power God gives.

Our weapons need to be loaded and for this we must  rely on the Word of God otherwise we will be impotent. When we labour in the power of God we can expect our battles to be won.

We have spiritual weapons and all that we need to fight our spiritual battles.

‘Saviour and Lord, we pray to thee’ was the song used for consideration of the message and ‘Lord, give me more soul-saving love’ was the plea used to close the day.

This weekend our ‘youff’ have been away ‘on retreat’. If we receive any information or pictures we shall publish these later in the week. Thank you once again for taking the time to read our website. May God richly bless you in the week ahead.

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