On the beach and in the garden

Following our earlier apology for not producing the usual Monday Spot this week  we have been sent some brief details which we can now reveal. The meeting at Chatham was led by Major Nigel Schultz.

 Major Nigel Schultz

The meeting was themed around ‘Beach Work’ and the chosen scripture was Mark 1:16-24 and Mark 2:13-17. Songs included for congregational participation were ‘Joyful, joyful, we adore thee’, ‘Shine, Jesus, shine’ and ‘Follow thou me’.

Major Nigel spoke about Jesus  meeting  his disciples on a beach at the Sea of Galilee. ‘The tax collector was at his booth taking taxes – watching who caught fishes?….When Jesus called Matthew to follow him. he got up and followed him!’

Major Nigel then wondered why Judas held the purse, not Matthew?

Following the meeting a great BBQ was held at the home of Majors Nigel and Judy which included lots of fun, fellowship and games. The menu included chicken, sausages, and hamburgers with salad, drinks, ice cream and Black Forest dessert  Here are a few pictures which we have received.



Once again we apologise for the brevity of this report and invite you to visit us again next Monday for a full report.



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