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Here’s an extract from the weekly update from the PR and Communications team, sharing where The Salvation Army has been in the news this week.

The Salvation Army launches innovative anti-trafficking prevention scheme in Nigeria and the Philippines 

Thanks to new funding from the Home Office, The Salvation Army has launched a project in Nigeria and the Philippines to prevent trafficking and modern slavery. The Modern Slavery Innovation Fund will provide resources for us to work with communities in in these two countries, which are known to be places targeted by traffickers looking to entice vulnerable victims. Training will take place to champion and encourage people to take a proactive stance against modern slavery in their communities and introduce the innovative concept of families hosting victims of modern slavery to live with them during their recovery.

Anne Gregora, Programme Advisor on Anti-Human Trafficking and Gender Violence told UCB News: “There’s no typical victim and anyone can be vulnerable to being tricked or coerced into a false offer.” You can listen to her talking about the initiative here.

 Anne Gregora

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