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The following letter was distributed to worshippers on 23 July. It is published here mainly for the benefit of those unable to attend that day.

23rd July 2017

Dear Members of Chatham Corps and Associated Volunteers,

Chatham Corps continues to provide a tremendous service to our local community through Food Bank, Employment Plus, Life Project, Hub Café, Mummy and Me, Mainly Music, Youth Work, Children’s Work, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  At the last Service Group meeting it was thought that it would be good to communicate to the wider fellowship the current needs and demands.

We have recognised that with each of our community programmes we need to be accountable to the corps and to the clients we serve.  Some of the activities have needed to address these issues and to complete the appropriate paper work and training to reach the current requirements regarding legislation.  Each of the service groups needs to explore funding in a professional way so that they are not a drain on church resources and areas are being explored to fund each service group.

The new Corps Accounting Software (Sassy) has also placed some further financial challenges, which require that all monies, donations, gifts and income is passed to Gill Wylie, our Corps Treasurer, for entry into the financial system.  All payments for activities are now paid by invoice presented to THQ.  Our service groups are having to explore ways in which resources can be found that can be invoiced to our head office.

Whilst these changes have been made it is good that in 2017 Tracy Wood did Safeguarding Training and Safeguarding refresher courses with a large number of people in our fellowship.  The Life Project has also reviewed its safeguarding training with Jeremy Davis and completed its training on Conflict Resolution, Motivational Interviewing with Mark Cuss and Volunteer Handbook procedures with THQ.

The Service Group has also highlighted the needs to address Fire Safety in all our activities.  Each activity needs to be aware of the sound of the alarm, how to exit the building and how to record this activity.  Safeguarding of children and adults means that every activity should know how to report any concerns to their group leader or the Corps Officer.

I would like to thank every Volunteer for what they do for our community each and every week, and would want to apologise if any of these changes have become a burden, but I am sure that you realise the importance of raising our standards at Chatham Corps.  There are some additional needs for Volunteers to serve in various activities, and Rebecca Abbott (Community Worker) would be pleased to supply you with the appropriate paper work if you would like to take on some involvement in this way, together with our New Volunteer Handbook.

Our next Service Group Meeting will be on Monday September 4th at 8.00pm and you will be most welcome if you can support and contribute to the services that we provide in the corps.

Warm regards,

Mike Gibbs
Service Group Chair

 Mike Gibbs

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