Parent and Toddler Groups thriving

We are blessed to have a great team looking after our thriving Parent and Toddler groups under the direction of Sue Willard. Her ‘end of term’ report follows (with some pictures).


The parent and toddler groups – ‘mainly music’ and ‘Mummy and Me’ – held their last sessions of the term with a sports day and a visit to the Strand play park. Indoor sports days were enjoyed last week, with the children (and some grownups!) participating in events such as a sack race, egg and spoon, four legged running, obstacle course and tunnel ball. Chaos reigned occasionally as the little ones ran in the wrong direction or declined to give the ball back, but everyone seemed to have fun!



This week the groups met at the Strand play park, as they have done for some years, to mark the end of the summer term. The sun shone brightly on both days and there was time for the little ones to play in the sandpit, climb on the play equipment and enjoy a picnic on the grass. In addition, many on Monday enjoyed riding on the little train and some ventured into the paddling pool. Farewells were said to several families as children were leaving to start school. Many of the leavers dressed up in mortar boards and gowns (made by Majors Raymond and Pat Brown), and they were presented with a certificate and a book of Bible stories to remind them of their time at the parent and toddler groups.




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